September 08, 2015

Rupert Murdoch Just Said Biden Is Not Only Going To Run, But Win The White House (TWEET)

With candidate after candidate lining up for their chance at the Oval Office in 2016, it’s really all still up in the air as far as who will win their party nominations and then the general election.
However, it appears Rupert Murdoch (yes, the one from Fox News) already knows how it’s all going to pan out. The Fox News executive apparently thinks that Vice President Joe Biden will definitely throw his hat in the ring. Not only that, but Murdoch predicts Biden will win the Democratic nomination and then be “hard to beat.” Basically, surmising — Vice President Joe Biden will soon be President Joe Biden.
Murdoch likely got wind Biden’s Labor Day appearances and came to a similar conclusion that many pundits came to as well — Joe Biden is about announce he’s running for president.
During Biden’s appearance at the Allegheny County Labor Day Parade in Pittsburgh, PA, where the vice president could be seen jogging the parade route, there were calls from the crowd shouting, “Run, Joe, run!” And it was obvious that they weren’t just implying the literal meaning of the phrase.
Speaking at a rally before the parade, where AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called the vice president “a friend, a brother, a champion of working men and women,” Biden addressed the audience:
“There wouldn’t be a single basic right out there for anyone working, but for labor. You built the middle class. That’s not an exaggeration… The tax code’s not fair. It’s simply not fair. The wealthy aren’t paying their fair share. There used to be one America… When the middle class does well, the wealthy do very well and the poor have a way up.  So organize, organize, organize! God love you.”
As far as any indication if he would actually run, when speaking at the United Steelworkers union headquarters after the parade, one man shouted, “Run for president!” To which Biden replied laughing “You’ve got to talk to my wife about that. I’ve got to talk to my wife about that.”
The Bidens have been through a lot lately, especially with the loss of their son Beau, but it was the dying wish of their son that his dad run for president.
If Biden is to run, he’ll likely announce within the next couple months. One things for certain, he definitely has a lot of positive things to run on, and if he does run it’ll be a “big f*cking deal.”
So who knows, maybe Murdoch will be correct in his prediction.

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