September 07, 2015

Texas Man Stocking Up On Guns Because A Drunk Guy Told Him Jade Helm Takeover Is For Reals

Clearly, President Barack HUSSEIN Obama has outwitted us all. The Jade Helm 15 military exercise ends on September 15th, or that’s what Obama would like us to believe.
Martial law has not been declared, guns have not been confiscated and black helicopters are not flying overhead ready to attack and turn Conservatives into Soylent Green.
But wait!
Brian Howard says he met some British troops at a bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of the men got drunk and told him, “some shit i can’t wrap my head around.”
The dude in this video has evidence that the takeover is imminent. You see, this truck driver had a drunken encounter with another guy who said the Jade Helm conspiracy theory is for reals so now you know.
Martial law will be declared, he says. Some Americans already have had chips implemented in their brains but don’t even know it.
Scary, huh?
Watch, uploaded by Brian Howard:

Within the next month, Americans are going to hate being Americans and all hell will break loose.
“When I get my load delivered in Texas, I am getting my family and putting them in the truck with me with my arsenal,” the man says while laying back on pillows, possibly in his truck.
Based on what he’s been told by British troops in Albuquerque, he’s “stocking up on food water and guns.”
If that hasn’t convinced you, a conspiracy blogger writes, “my gut was screaming that, despite the crude presentation, this story has credibility.” Also, he links to Infowars, so now you have even further proof.

So go out and stock up on weapons and be sure to praise the Lawd because your days are numbered. The Americans have arrived in Texas and Brian Howard is not going to take it sitting down. Well, maybe he will take it while lying back on some pillows.
Be afraid. Obama is gonna confiscate your guns, assign them to gay FEMA camps, dress them up like little girls and make them touch each other.

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