September 08, 2015

This Bumper Sticker Is Guaranteed To Infuriate The Anti-Gun Left!

A Las Vegas couple who have been foster parents for more than five years and taken in over 100 kids is fighting to get back their foster license after it was revoked in July over an incident which had them pulling a gun in self-defense.

On April 3, Kristi and Rod Beber had three foster children in their care when they were awakened by screaming outside. The couple looked outside to find their neighbors, who were obviously enraged, on their property.
According to an interview with local media, the terrified couple thought only of the safety of their family, so Kristi called 911, Rod grabbed a gun and they waited for the police. Soon thereafter, officers arrived on the scene and the situation was diffused.
No shots were fired, no injuries occurred and no arrests were made, but three months later, the couple was told the incident – namely Rod grabbing a gun for defense of himself and his family – resulted in a decision by the Department of Family Services to revoke the couple’s license to be foster parents. According to DFS, “the incident did not describe an adult exercising sound judgment.”

The couple was distraught over the decision and heartbroken over having to take the foster kids to a group home. 

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