September 11, 2015

Two Kids PERFECTLY Answer Question “What Do Conservatives Stand For”

RedState explains what many Conservatives believe:
The left enjoys calling out Conservatives as “racists” or “philistines” who supposedly “don’t care about the plight of the poor and working men and women of America”, all the while disregarding the truth about what Conservatives really believe.
The left has won the battle over public opinion simply by demonizing the values of the hardworking men and women of which America is mad of, convincing Americans that those values and beliefs are products of a bygone era, are antiquated beliefs predicated on a medieval system of values, and that those Americans should abandon these beliefs which have been the basis of Western society since its conception.

We Conservatives believe it is a moral imperative to create an economic system of empowerment, not entitlement, creating a culture in which the poorest among us can find the same success that the rest of us have.
We believe that this cannot be done by punishing the successful, but rather by promoting the wealth that they have accumulated as the standard for all Americans, regardless of birth status, race, or creed.
We believe that the Government should not take from those who have achieved the American dream to “spread” it around to those who have not, because doing so will trap the poor in their own poverty.
We believe that we should not allow those who are poor to remain permanently on Government handouts, because we teach them and their offspring to not be productive citizens of a free society, thus exacerbating their poverty and extending their own personal economic malaise.
We believe that capitalism is the only moral economic system, for it gives the individual the power to craft their own future.
As Conservatives, we understand that the nuclear family of a single man and a single wife, bonded in holy matrimony in order to rear the next generation, is the cornerstone of a healthy society, a healthy economy, and ordered liberty.
Without a strong family, the next generation will cease to be contributing members of society, and our nation will descend into the same abyss that most of the rest of the world finds itself in today.
We recognize that without a culture that places a strong emphasis on life, we cannot have a healthy republic predicated on the idea that liberty is a condition of life. We recognize the moral imperative to cease the punishment of the family through the tax code, the welfare system, and the economic system of redistribution, which will forever corrupt the moral bonds of the family.
Thus, Conservatives need to explain to the American people that this is not simply a battle over abortion, a battle over homosexuality, or a battle over economics, but rather a battle over the moral fiber of this country.
We Conservatives recognize that our government’s first role is to protect the people from the forces of evil. We recognize the difference between good and evil, and that America must stand for the former.
We recognize that we cannot back down when faced by an enemy who stands for evil, and that we should not attempt to appease them because they will strengthen rather than weaken through that process.

We Conservatives recognize that if America ceases to stand up for freedom, then the cause of liberty will be lost worldwide. Above all, we recognize that while war is one of the vilest things known to mankind, there are things that are worse, such as genocide, oppression, and slavery.
The name of Conservatism has been dragged through the mud by the left and the elite, who look down on these values that define our movement and our country. We need to redefine the name and reintroduce these concepts to the American people so that they know what Conservatives really believe.
If we do not redefine the debate based on our beliefs and our conviction that our policies will decrease poverty, increase liberty, strengthen our family and our society, and protect our innocents and children. And that is what we must tell the American people in the upcoming election. 

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