October 18, 2015

California PhD: Intelligent and Educated Women don’t need Firearms to protect themselves

 ‘Real life’ leftists often prove how ignorant, intolerant and arrogant they are via social media.
The following was a post from one such leftist during a discussion on gun control.
If you ever try to use logic, reasoning, facts or statistics with gun control addicts, you’ll know that their brains simply can’t handle that data and they end up responding stupidly. The one below takes the cake.
Yes indeed this is an actual person who thinks so highly of herself and so lowly of any woman who DARE protect herself and her children that she said the following:
 This woman somehow believes her alphabet soup letters are going to protect her from a violent criminal attack. Surely a criminal intent on attacking her will ask if she is a PhD first right? And then the same said criminal would choose not to attack her because of those 3 letters right?
According to this ‘doctor’, any woman who has a firearm for self defense is overcompensating because they somehow lack intelligence, an education or an influential job.
Newsflash: Most female gun owners made the intelligent decision to protect themselves because help is minutes away when seconds matter. They also get educated in firearm safety and accuracy.
Apparently this woman believes that any woman who dares to protect herself and her children with a firearm is a ‘shame’ to all women.
What this arrogant hoplophobe doesn’t seem to realize is she actually supports gun ownership by admitting women who live in bad areas SHOULD have firearms.
What this incredibly ignorant gun control addict doesn’t realize is that no one has ESP to know when a criminal is going to decide to attack or where.
For some reason she believes violent crime only happens in bad neighborhoods and not nice areas where women of her ilk must live.

Clearly this PhD doesn’t actually get out much.
How dare any woman or mother actually use a firearm to save their and their children’s lives? They must be horrible women do even think of doing such a thing.
Owning a firearm is a personal choice and not a decision that any woman or mother takes lightly. The problem with this ‘doctor’ is she wants to take that choice away from those women who choose it.
The problem with this left wing lunatic is she truly believes she doesn’t have to worry about protecting herself because crime is somehow beneath her and her multiple degrees that are 100% useless against any criminal.
So while this over-educated, hoplophobic, arrogant, ignorant, uninformed and hateful woman meanders in her self-loathing while waiting for the ‘guys with guns’ to rescue her, the rest of us ‘shameful’ gun-toting women will live happily ever after knowing we are self-rescuing Princesses.
Alphabet soup letters don’t prove intelligence but for some leftists they certainly prove that no matter how much education a person receives, you can’t fix stupid.

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