October 26, 2015

Diversity to Liberals vs Conservatives

Breitbart reports USC students are demanding mandatory diversity classes:
On Tuesday, the USC Student Government (USG) is slated to vote on a resolution that will seek to “improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion climate on campus” and asks for $100 million to go towards a scholarship fund to help “underrepresented” groups be better recognized.
The resolution was introduced this past Monday after USG President Rini Sampath made national headlines when a fraternity member allegedly called her an “Indian piece of shit” and hurled a drink at her.
The young man was evicted from the fraternity house, and Sampath filed a federal discrimination complaint against him. However, she and fellow USG members decided the punishment was not enough for the crime, and are now seeking a resolution that will seek the creation of diversity classes on queer and race theory, mandatory diversity training courses for students and faculty, and hiring a new dean of diversity.

Vice President of USC’s graduate student government Christina Gutierrez recently told the Los Angeles Times “what happened to Rini has gotten a lot of attention but these incidents happen far too frequently on an ongoing basis.”
The resolution states that USC has “failed to produce action plans to address the issues of bias and discrimination.”
Breitbart News spoke with several students and even parents on Thursday to gauge their reactions to the upcoming vote on Tuesday’s resolution.
A male engineering student in his junior year who asked not to be named said he does not agree with the “Diversity Climate Resolution,” suggesting “it drives a wedge between people of different races.” He said he thinks the best thing to do is “punish the people who do stupid things.”
While he “does not condone racism in any way, shape or form,” he said he believes passing this resolution “is not the way to go about fixing it.”
Sal, a freshman who is studying Business Administration, called the incident “isolated” and said it “is not representative of any fraternity culture on USC’s campus. I wouldn’t go ahead and say they are all racist. There is no racist culture on the row to my knowledge.” He said he does not believe there is a culture of racism on the USC campus in general. “I think we’re pretty progressive, understanding society. That sounds like a lot of money for one stupid, drunk kid’s mistake.”

It remains to be determined whether the $100 million scholarship fund will come from should the resolution pass. Students on campus have also expressed concerns that the resolution will only add to raising annual tuition prices in order to fund the new programs, which require new administrators and counsellors.
Graduate chemical engineering student Brian Moore said he is OK with the resolution as long as the $100 million is not coming from student tuition. “I don’t think many people know about it,” which he said makes it “unfair.”
Conversely, a female student named Lara who identifies as Armenian-American said she thinks Tuesday’s vote “is a good step. It gets people talking about [social and racial issues] it and it’s really sad that it happened in the first place. I think sitting back and doing nothing will always perpetuate racism.”
When asked if she has witnessed any sort of racism on campus, she said she has not, adding that she’s personally “never really felt in danger or anything.” 

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