October 01, 2015

Honey Combinations for health

1. Honey and lemon

This is one of the best characteristic cures that assume a key part in managing different wellbeing issues and skin issues. Here is how you can utilize it:
Digestion: In the event that you are experiencing indigestion, drink lemon juice with honey to accomplish alleviation. Lemon contains cancer prevention agents that flush out the destructive poisons from the body and honey helps the development of good bacteria in the digestive system supporting in the digestive procedure.
How to utilize it: To a spoonful of newly crushed lemon juice, add four to five drops of honey and beverage this solution. Do this every morning in order to have better results.

Acne: One of the key reasons for acne is excess discharge of oil and destructive impacts of poisons delivered by microscopic organisms. Lemon is packed with cell reinforcements that clear poisons from the body and honey applies calming impact on the skin.
How to utilize it: Make a blend of honey and lemon juice by blending equivalent amounts of both the constituents. Apply this blend on the acne and wash it off subsequent to 10 minutes. Do this routinely.

Dry skin: Dry skin is principally brought about because of less discharge of oil in the body. Apply face-pack containing honey and lemon to as honey saturates the skin and lemon helps in keeping up oil emission in the body.
How to utilize it: Blend one spoonful of honey to half a spoon of crisp lemon squeeze and apply this blend on the skin. Wash your skin after 15 minutes for delicate and glowing skin.

Callus: The purging property of lemon when combined with the saturating capacity of honey goes about as a compelling home solution to treat callus.
How to utilize it: Firstly, wash your feet and apply a blend of lemon and honey on the callus. After 20 minutes, tenderly clean your feet utilizing a pumice stone to dispose of callus.

2. Honey and apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar when combined with honey can help in diminishing an extensive variety of wellbeing issues. Here is the way by which you can attempt this combo as a characteristic guide to manage different issues.
Swellings on the skin: The calming action of apple cider vinegar help cure irritated skin and mitigates the skin, while honey applies a calming impact on the influenced territory.
How to utilize it: Apply a drop of honey on the influenced range and touch a cotton ball dipped in undiluted vinegar over the skin. Wash the skin subsequent to five minutes. You should do this every two to three hours of days for noticeable results.

Dandruff: Apple cider vinegar contains effective catalysts that help eliminate microscopic organisms and fungus that cause dandruff. It additionally serves to open up stopped up pores and goes about as a mellow conditioner for your hair.
How to utilize it: Apply a blend of honey and vinegar onto your scalp with a cotton ball and delicately rub your head. Presently, wrap your hair in a bun and protect it with a warm towel so that pores of your scalp open up. This permits vinegar to filter into the skin and helping you to expel dandruff.

Gout: As gout is chiefly created because of expanded levels of uric acid in the body, utilization of apple cider vinegar and honey helps in mitigating its indications. Being pressed with cell reinforcements and flavonoids, the use of honey and apple cider vinegar builds the discharge of uric acid from the body.
How to utilize it: Add a teaspoon each of vinegar and honey to a glass of warm water and beverage this arrangement day by day to get help. This goes about as a characteristic aid to treat gout.

Acne scars: The alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid substance present in apple cider vinegar diminish pores on the skin, detoxify the skin and alleviates aggravation. In blend with antibacterial movement of honey, it helps in decreasing acne scars.
How to utilize it: Add half a spoon of honey to a spoonful of apple cider vinegar arrangement. Apply this solution to scars with the assistance of a cotton ball during the evening and wash your face subsequent to 15 minutes. If it is done on frequently, it brightens skin scars.

3. Honey and cinnamon

It is an impeccable mix that contains antibacterial properties notwithstanding rendering relieving impact on the body. Here is the way by which to reap its advantages for different wellbeing issues:
Pimples: The antibacterial properties of honey when joined with anti- oxidants ingredients of cinnamon assume a key part in fighting against pimples. Aside from this, honey additionally saturates your skin.
How to utilize it: Prepare a fine paste of cinnamon powder by including little honey. Apply this paste on every pimple in the night and leave it to stay overnight. Wash off your face the following morning with tepid water. Do this for a couple of days till you see results.

Healthy heart: Cinnamon contains fiber and calcium, which help transport bile salts outside the body by separating cholesterol. This brings down cholesterol levels in the body along these lines shielding the heart from different complications. Though, honey is rich in cell reinforcements that anticipate heart ailments.
How to utilize it: Add a small amount of cinnamon powder to a cup of bubbling water. Strain the compounds, add a teaspoon of honey to the tea. You should beverage this solution around thirty minutes before having your breakfast in order to give your heart a support.

Cancer prevention: Cinnamon contains anti- cancer components that obstruct the increase of harmful cells and step by step diminishes their spread to other organs. Honey is additionally pressed with cancer protecting mixes like phenols.
How to utilize it: To a small amount of cinnamon powder add few drops of honey to make it a fine paste. Devour this blend on an empty stomach consistently, ideally early morning, as your body can absorb better.

4. Honey and clove

Clove contains antibacterial properties and various sound supplements that when joined with honey helps in mitigating different wellbeing issues. Here are some ways you can utilize honey to manage different wellbeing issues.
Sore throat: Being sticky in nature, honey coats the throat and triggers nerves that decrease affectability to cough impulse. The vicinity of antibacterial mixes in cloves mitigates torment and contamination connected with a sore throat.
How to utilize it: Add two-three cloves in a tablespoon of honey and leave it stand for four to five hours. Uproot the cloves and sip the honey. You should do this consistently to accomplish fast relief from sore throat.

Clear skin: Cloves applies anti-bacterial and calming properties that prevent attack of microscopic organisms on the skin. Though, honey saturates the skin giving a new look to your skin.
How to utilize it: Crush a couple of cloves and include one tablespoon of honey and the juice of quarter lemon to the blend. Presently apply this on your skin and leave it to stay on for around 20 minutes. Wash your face with cool water for a smooth and clear-looking skin.

Pimples: Honey makes a strong physical obstruction to microscopic organisms anticipating disease of the skin. Cloves are stuffed with different antibacterial mixes and cancer prevention agents that assume a key part in flushing out poisons from the body.
The most effective method to utilize it: Mix a squeeze of clove powder with a little honey to make a paste. Apply this paste on every pimple and keep it overnight. Wash off with tepid water the following morning. Rehash this procedure for a couple of days for skin without pimples.

Mouth ulcers: Being a powerful disinfectant and calming specialists, cloves go about as a superb therapeutic guide for treatment of mouth sores. The anti- bacterial and alleviating impact of honey helps in giving help.
How to utilize it: Add few drops of honey to half a spoon of clove powder. Touch this blend on the ulcers and keep it for couple of minutes. You should do this no less than three times each day to dispose mouth ulcers.

5. Honey and ginger

Honey and ginger go about as an effective regular solution to fight different wellbeing issues, including beauty and illnesses. Here is how you can utilize this mix for diverse conditions:
Digestion: Ginger hinders creation of intestinal gas (carminative impact) and assists separate proteins present up in sustenance. Though, honey is surely understood for its capacity to advance the development of intestinal microbes in this manner supporting in assimilation.
How to utilize it: In the morning chew two or three small –sized pieces of ginger that are covered with honey, in order to dispose of acid reflux and different stomach inconveniences.

Migraine: The mitigating mixes present in ginger restrain the synthesis of prostaglandins that cause aggravation and agony in this manner calming a migraine.
How to utilize it: You can either shred or cut ginger into few pieces. Add these pieces to a cup of bubbling water and leave it to bubble for around 10 to 15 minutes. Add honey to this mixture and beverage to achieve moment relief from headache.

Cough: Honey relieves the irritated throat linings, while ginger advances salivation and bodily fluid discharge. The joined impact of these fixings calms cough side effects.
How to utilize it: Chop ginger into fine pieces and add them to a cup of bubbling water so that the amount diminishes to half of the first volume. Strain the liquid, include one teaspoon of honey and beverage when warm to dispose of cough.

Sinusitis: Known to have expectorant properties, ginger mitigates a congested mid-section or sinuses. The vicinity of antibacterial mixes in honey serves to wipe out contaminations.
How to utilize it: Blend one teaspoon of dried ginger powder with half a spoon of honey. Devour this blend twice per day to get help for sinus issue.

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