October 18, 2015

Texas elementary school refuses to allow Ben Carson on its campus: we can now officially say that Ben Carson may even be too crazy for Texas.

Ben Carson’s extremist views, offensive statements, and disconcerting behavior have been good enough to win over republican primary voters, who have sent him flying up the republican party polls over the past two months. But it’s not good enough to gain him access to a Texas public school. Carson attempted to invite himself in to the public elementary school in Austin, Texas, for no apparent reason – and the school promptly showed him the door.
He may have been targeting the Austin school because it’s an all-boys school, but that’s about as much as anyone involved can put together as to why the religious fundamentalist Carson was suddenly trying to place himself on an elementary school campus. Since his campaign has began, the republican candidate has made nonstop disparaging remarks about Muslims, he’s made so many strange remarks about the Holocaust that he’s faced the wrath of Jewish groups, he’s made one violently bloodthirsty pro-gun statement after another, and appears to have made up a phony claim of having been robbed in the process. It doesn’t take much to see why a public school wouldn’t allow him anywhere near its campus.
The bigger question, of course, is how a man whose words suggest total incompetence, whose views suggest bloodlusting bigotry, and whose behavior suggests mental illness, and whose recent announcement of a book tour in the middle of his campaign suggests he’s not taking any of this seriously anyway, can possibly be so high in the republican polls. With the Texas elementary school having kicked him to the curb, we can now officially say that Ben Carson may even be too crazy for Texas.

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