October 14, 2015

Thug- And Abortion-Loving Libs Setting THIS Example For Kids

Because it’s “all about the kids,” California has banned chewing tobacco at all professional baseball stadiums throughout the state.
The same group of liberals who demand unfettered abortions and sidle up to racist, violent thugs have decided seeing someone use chew is what children need protection from.
Gov. Moonbeam signed the bill into law Monday. It bans chewing tobacco in California’s five major league baseball parks for both the players and the audience.

The bill’s sponsor, Democrat Assemblyman Tony Thurmond, said “It’s all about the kids,” without so much as an ironic smile. “Specifically, what professional baseball players do in view of kids when they are out on the field.”
It’s the “role model effect,” they say. They cite a study from the Centers for Disease Control claiming one-half million kids try chew for the first time every year.
Thurmond said allowing athletes to use smokeless tobacco “sets a terrible example for the millions of young people who watch the game.”
Various academic institutions and agencies have confirmed through research that there is a role model effect tied to the use of smokeless tobacco in baseball, according to Thurmond’s office.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year more than 500,000 teens between the ages of 12 and 17 try smokeless tobacco products for the first time.
Of course, they don’t tell you that the vast majority of those 500,000 spit it out and never try it again.
That doesn’t matter. The crypto-fascist mindset is that “if it saves one life,” then it’s “worth it” or some such nonsense.
This is how our rights and our freedoms will be taken away, one little bit at a time, all in the name of protecting the children.

Meanwhile, what example does it set when we value human life on such a minuscule life that we’re actually debating if the dead baby parts we’re ripping from a woman’s uterus should be sold for profit or merely to cover expenses?
And what message are we sending when we declare that “black lives matter,” above all others. When one group of people are told they’re inherently advantaged, they were born that way and must carry around the guilt of “white privilege,” sacrificing themselves for any other group of people.
What kind of children are we raising?
Well, at least they’ll be proudly tobacco-free, right?

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