October 15, 2015

Trump Asks Who’s Winning Debate; See Curt Schilling’s Brutal Four-Letter Response

 In a series of tweets in response to Donald Trump’s live twitter coverage of the Democratic debate, Curt Schilling certainly has some choice things to say.
Keep in mind, this is the SAME Curt Schilling that is suspended for a tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis.
 Some Twitter users told him to stop tweeting:
 Some just asked why he was so terrible:
 One guy just got real:
According to theBlaze, Schilling’s controversial tweet came less than two months after he was suspended as an ESPN commentator for tweeting a meme comparing Muslims to Nazis in World War II. The tweet was only up for about ten minutes, but a number of users still shared screenshots.

“You’ll be lucky if you still have a job by tonight what a stupid thing to say,” one user replied to Schilling in August.
The legendary pitcher later apologized, but it was too late. ESPN initially suspended him from an announcer gig at the Little League World Series and then for the rest of the season.

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