October 24, 2015

What Bernie Sanders’ Popularity Tells Us About The Democratic Party

 From Washington Times:
Actor and outspoken conservative James Woods blasted Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders as a “complete moron” for his comments on China.

Mr. Woods took particular issue with a tweet by the Vermont senator that read, “China — not exactly seen as a model when it comes to human rights — provides 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. The US provides zero.”
 “China has notoriously killed female infants for population control, you utter moron. #ChinaGendercide,” Mr. Woods responded.
“Basically Bernie is this commie scarecrow put up to make Hillary look palatable by comparison, right? There is no other rationale possible,” he tweeted to his 274,000 followers.

“When your frontrunner’s model for women’s rights is a nation whose families drown their young girls like unwanted puppies, you are lost,” Mr. Woods added.
“I’m referring to Senator Sanders. Secretary Clinton has gone on record condemning China’s human rights atrocities regarding females,” he later clarified.
The “White House Down” actor endorsed GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina last month and narrated a documentary on her life, produced by the CARLY for America super-PAC, The Hill reported.

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