November 16, 2015

Amazing Health Benefits Of Onion Powder

Onions are considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables available in the market. This layered veggie should be consumed everyday since they have multiple health benefits.
Onions contain phytochemicals which improve the working of vitamin C in the body. It also contains a high amount of chromium which helps in regulating blood sugar. When onions are consumed on a regular basis, the properties present in each layer of the vegetable help reduce inflammation and heal infections too. 
However, consuming onions raw is generally troublesome for few people. Raw onions have a high content of acid, which creates acid reflux in the digestive tract, which in turn leads to acidity, abdominal pain and bloating.

Therefore, to avoid these problems, experts state that onion powder is the best to add to meals. Onion powder is healthy and helps cure a number of ailments too. 
Onion powder is also easy to prepare and not at all time-consuming. To prepare onion powder, here is the recipe: Begin by dehydrating the onions - Slice 5 onions in circles shapes. Now, boil the onions in water for 5 minutes. When done, rinse the boiled onions with cold water. Now, bake these onion rings and when done, keep aside. Add the rings to a dry mixer and grind it to powder.
It Is High In Fibre 
Onion powder contains a high amount of fibre which aids in better digestion. Add onion powder to salads and meals if suffering from digestive issues.
It Contains Potassium 
Since onions are rich in potassium, the powder is beneficial for healthy bones and a healthy heart. Consuming a good amount of onion powder helps regulate the blood pressure levels in your body.
 Rich In Vitamin C
 After citrus fruits, onion powder is an ingredient which is rich in vitamin C. Onion powder helps in the production of collagen, bone health and it is the best natural ingredient which helps in wound healing.
 Onion Powder Contains Manganese 
Onion powder is beneficial for health as it is rich in manganese (an element which is necessary to keep the bone tissues healthy), helps in improving the metabolism and contains nutrients which help in blood coagulation. Lack of manganese leads to diabetes, osteoporosis, and arthritis.
 It Has High Levels Of Calcium
 Calcium is necessary to keep the bones healthy. Onion powder has a high content of calcium which is sufficient to keep the blood pressure regulated and promote bone health as well as support the function of the nervous system.
 It Is Low In Sodium 
The best benefit of onion powder is it's low density of sodium. Onion powder can be replaced with salt, as it enhances the flavour of a meal. Onion powder when used as salt substitute reduces the chances of heart attacks, heart diseases and strokes.
 It Contains Less Calories 
For those watching their weight, it is better to add onion powder to the meal instead of other alternatives. Onion powder contains less calories (8 calories) and it is also low in fat, which is ideally the best for one to consume.

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