November 27, 2015

The Most HEARTBREAKING Thanksgiving Cartoon of ALL TIME (11 Pics)

 Given it’s Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to hand out ‘Turkey Awards’ to people or organizations who have earned them over the past year.
 What is the definition of a ‘turkey?’
tur·key- something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful
turkey (n) a loser; an uncoordinated, inept, clumsy fool
a tool; a person who is not in with current culture and slang or is just generally uncool.
  1. Fight for 15
 The ‘Fight for 15’ crowd has been demanding the minimum wage be raised to $15 all across the country. The organizers of this group are nothing but paid union hacktivists who want to sucker more people into becoming union members. The majority of people who have ever held a job started out working for minimum wage.
Where the minimum wage has been raised for these unskilled workers has proven to kill jobs; closes businesses and increase costs to consumers. It’s an epic fail for those workers trying to get into the job market who have NO skills.
  1. Black Lives Matter
 Once again these people are nothing but paid leftist hacktivists who have decided to create more chaos across the country. It started out of Ferguson, Missouri when Michael Brown was shot and killed by an officer in self defense. They lied and claimed he had his hands up, the DOJ report tells a different story.
These people have turned any possible perceived issues into violent riots that destroy the very black neighborhoods they claim to care about.
  1. Gun Control Addicts
 What it there to say about a group of people who are hoplophobes that seek to ban firearms. They despise women who dare protect themselves and their families and they love gun free zones that actually enable criminals to create more victims.
Moms Demand, Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and most Democrats are all addicted to taking away Americans’ 2nd Amendment Rights.
  1. Democrats on Islamic Extremists
 Democrats refuse to even use the words ‘Islamic Extremists’ or ‘Radical Islam.’ They continue to make insane excuses for the reasons a centuries-old fundamental religious group is waging terror across the world.
So much so they’ve become a joke.
  1. Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is THE most corrupt politician in United States history. She has been crowned the Queen of the Democrat Presidential primary despite her abhorrent and criminal past.
       The video says it all but doesn’t even include all of Hillary’s despicable acts over time.

  1. Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood got bagged big time this past year. Undercover videos came out that show them harvesting human baby body parts for cash. Their own leader, Cecile Richards, admitted they did this but Planned Parenthood supports and the media still claim they don’t.
As a result, Planned Parenthood has been defunded in many states, something that should have been done long ago for their own despicable behavior over the years.
  1. Colleges and Universities
Colleges and Universities around the country have become nothing more than places where special little snowflakes cry about microaggressions that may hurt their feelings. They are no longer churning out the best and brightest in this country, they are churning out entitled little maroons who will never be able to make it in the real world.
  1. Feminists
Today’s feminists have become the antithesis of actual feminism. They aren’t strong, independent women. They have become needy shills for big daddy government who want special treatment because they have ‘lady parts.’ They’ve actually become quite an embarrassment to the female gender as a whole.
  1. Climate Change Cultists
These people are the epitome of lunatics who are either part of the ‘global warming’ scam or are just mentally enslaved Democrats who believe whatever they are told. Plenty of examples to go around. They now even claim that ‘Climate Change’ is the reason for the rise of ISIS.
If you don’t believe ‘Global Warming’ is real, you must be a racist or a slew of other descriptions they like to use.
  1. Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Obama is indeed THE worst President in the history of the United States. Not only has the economy continued to fail under is horrific policies but the man claimed ISIS was contained the day before the Paris Attacks.
He embarrassingly infuses himself in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ fraudulent protests but ignores any whites who have been killed by police. He should stay OUT of these situations altogether.
Not to mention he believes that gun confiscation is a good idea. The list is far too long with Obama. He’s without a doubt the biggest turkey of the year.

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