November 06, 2015

THIS CONGRESSWOMAN Said Free Speech Doesn’t Apply To Trump

A California Congresswoman said that the First Amendment might not protect Donald Trump when he hosts Saturday Night Live.
Speaking on CNN, Democrat Loretta Sanchez – a senior member of the Congressional Hispanic Conference – said allowing Donald Trump to host (something she claimed was unprecedented for a presidential candidate) was an “affront” because of all the “negative things” he’s said about Hispanics.

When Brooke Baldwin correctly pointed out that SNL has a right to book whoever they want to host their program, Sanchez turned fascist quickly and equated Trump’s hosting of the late-night comedy show to yelling fire in a crowded theater:
“I believe in free speech and the First Amendment, you’re correct from that standpoint, except for you’re not allowed to go into an auditorium and yell, ‘Fire, fire, fire!’,” Sanchez said. “And in the same way, I believe it’s up to SNL to understand that when they put Donald Trump in front of people and he says these type of derogatory comments, that has a direct relationship to what is happening out in everyday lives of Latinos.”
“For example, back in June, when in Boston a Hispanic male was beat up almost to the point of death, and the person who beat him up said to the police, ‘Well, Donald Trump is right, these illegal aliens are just not supposed to be here,’” Sanchez said.
Baldwin pointed out that many Hispanics support Trump, so clearly allowing him to speak is not the same as yelling fire in a crowded theater. Sanchez didn’t particularly care:
“We are upset that Mr. Trump is hosting this, rather than just being a skit; it is enabling him, after he has said these derogatory comments,” she continued. “And NBC Universal said to us early on, we’re not going to stand for this. So we are simply pushing back at SNL and saying, ‘Uh-uh, this is not correct and you’re endangering Latinos when you do this type of a thing.’”

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