December 09, 2015

5 Strange Ways to Increase Longevity

Instinctively, we all want to live long, healthy lives. We try to stave off aging for as long as possible with lifestyle changes, pills, creams, treatments, diets, etc. But there are some unusual ways to improve your odds of living a longer, happier life. Here are 5 scientifically-founded ways you can increase your lifespan and improve your overall health.
Have kids later in life. According to studies, women who give birth after age 33 are more likely to live longer than those who give birth earlier. To be precise, these women were twice as likely to live to age 95 or older than women who were done having kids by their 30s. While holding off and having kids later in life won’t cause a woman to age more slowly, the ability to have natural childbirth after 33 is an indication that a woman’s reproductive system (and body) is predisposed to slower aging. 
Find some friends. Loneliness is a killer. Fight it off with a tight social circle. Social support has been shown to reduce stress, improve the cardiovascular system and fight off disease. It’s a terrific way to unload stress, especially for men, who tend to be more emotionally closed-off than women. Those Thursdays at the bar you spend with your buddies — yup, that’s probably helping you live longer. Sharing a good laugh? Even better!
Have a drink while you’re at it. A moderate amount of alcohol, for years, has been touted for its life extending benefits. However, there is a fine line between moderation and reliance. Don’t let that evening drink turn into a few to help you unload the stress of the day. There are healthier ways to unwind.
Eat less. Intermittent fasting has been theorized to be a powerful increaser of  lifespan and health. By restricting calorie consumption by 30 to 40 percent, it has been shown that animals can live up to 30 percent longer. The studies on humans and primates, however, are still unclear as of yet. Regardless, reducing your calorie consumption does improve your health and disease resistance, which is certainly a key to longevity. Just as metformin, with all of its recent social media hype, increases insulin sensitivity, intermittent fasting does so naturally. It’s an easy way to take charge of your health.
Get married. For men especially, those who are married are more likely to live past 70 than those who remain bachelors. In fact, married men were shown to live 10 years longer on average than unmarried men. Married women were shown to live just 4 years longer. According to the Longevity Project, divorced men had the shortest average lifespans. The lesson? Love and support can do wonders for your lifespan.
There is no one way to improve your chances of having a longer life. While studies have shown that various techniques or habits may improve your chances, it’s really all about living your best life possible. Be happy, healthy, open, positive, productive and relaxed, and you’ll enjoy all the years you have. 

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