September 03, 2016

Avoid These Things The Next Time You And Your Partner Having Sexy Time (9 pics)

Allergy or Cold Medications
These medications contain decongestants that can dry out mucus membranes. The medications can also lead to vaginal dryness. Try taking a hot shower with eucalyptus oil instead.
Shaving before sex can leave you open to rashes, irritation, and small cuts that can increase the possibly of sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure you give your skin time to heal before having sex.
Alcohol inhibits circulation, respiration, and sensitivity of nerve endings. All are important to reach orgasm. Keep in mind that beer and wine increase melatonin levels, which increases sleepiness too.
Gas-Inducing Foods
Foods known to increase intestinal gas include apples, asparagus, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lentils, grapes, and watermelon. No need to stink up a romantic moment.
Spicy Foods
Spicy foods contain capsaicin and can remain in our mouths or on our skin after touching or consuming spicy foods.
The caffeine in coffee raises cortisol levels, which can lower libido. With lower libido levels it can be hard to relax.
Salty Foods
Consuming too much salt can reduce the blood flow needed to reach orgasm.
Holding It
Not using the restroom increases your chances for bacteria to multiply. Try and urinate before and after sex to prevent urinary tract infections.
Food-Filled Foreplay
Foods like chocolate sauce or whipped cream can cause yeast infections when used during foreplay.

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