July 30, 2012

Amazing Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Cardamom has many benefits in the kitchen. As an aromatic spice, it is one of the most useful flavours to add in various cuisines. In India, it is an integral part of the mixed spice called 'Garam Masala' that is used more or less in all Indian curries. However, most of us do not know the health benefits of this spice.

The benefits of cardamom for your health cannot be stated in one line. Here is a whole list of health benefits that you can derive from the spice, cardamom.

Health Benefits Of Cardamom:
  • Prevents gastric problems. Cardamom is a spice that helps you balance the amount of gastric juices released in the stomach. This means that they stimulate gastric juices when required and regulate them when not required. So, it helps you keep away from acidity and gas problems.
  • Elixir for asthmatics. If you have asthmatic tendencies or suffering from severe respiratory diseases like whooping cough, then this is very healthy spice for you. It is primarily because cardamom is anti-spasmodic, meaning it prevents spasms. Cardamom mixed with honey is a natural cure for minor respiratory disorders like sore throat or a cough.
  • Beat the heat. One of the main benefits of cardamom is that it saves you from sun strokes. It is believed that chewing a couple of cardamom pods while you are out in the scorching sun will save you from the heat waves.
  • Balm for headaches. The ancient medicinal sciences in India used a paste of cardamom and sandalwood to make balms for headaches. Even today, if you add the seeds of cardamom to your tea or milk, you can get relief from persistent headaches.
  • Detoxifies caffeine. Cardamom is a natural ingredient that helps detoxify or decaffeinate caffeine. This is a boon for caffeine addicts who drink too much coffee that is slowly poisoning their body.
  • Ayurvedic remedies. According to the principles of Ayurveda, cardamom helps balance the three 'doshas' or 'defects' in the body. In Ayurvedic science there are 3 body types characterised by three types of 'dosha' . Cardamom is a healthy spice that balances all the three 'doshas' and helps you stay healthy. So, its health benefits are all encompassing for all body types.

Apart from these main health benefits of cardamom, it is a potent anti-depressant and very good for improving voice quality.

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