July 29, 2012

Foods That Help You Have A Long Life

Nutritious food can help you live a long life. Some long life foods include green vegetables, fruits and brown rice. You can consume these long life foods to lead a healthy life. Nutritious food is very essential for our body. They help in curbing many diseases and supports stress free life. Some nutritional foods and their benefits are listed below.

Some Long Life Foods

Soy- Soy is high in iron and very beneficial especially for women. Soy diet can help you control cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Some women have also suggested that soy helps them manage symptoms of menopause. But this fact is not scientifically proven. Soy foods helps in lowering cholesterol equal to the most prescribed medicine. This long life food provides proteins and contains low saturated fats that are ideally heart healthy. Soy which is fibre enriched, proteins from oats, barley, almond are sufficient to lower cholesterol in comparison to the medication which doctors prescribe. This food is a long life food and is high in nutrients.

Fibrous Foods- Consuming foods that are high in calories must be avoided, instead we must double the consumption of fibrous foods. If we want to lead a long healthy life then consumption fibre is very important. Fibre diet includes foods like apples, barley, legumes, brown rice, oat bran and beans. These foods helps in lowering blood pressure and keeps you full, which helps in weight loss. These survival foods help you lead a healthy life and curbs many disorders.

Antioxidant Super foods- Foods with the colour blue, green, purple and orange contains carotenoids and anthocyanins. Coloured super foods are enriched with nutrients, that curb heart diseases and cancer. Coloured foods helps in our memory, cognitive skills and balancing our senses. Nutritious foods with the following colours are
Green- Green vegetables like broccoli helps in prevention of cancer. Kale rich in calcium helps in muscular degeneration and age related issues.
Red- Tomatoes are long life food, when cooked are source of lycopeine which helps in curbing prostrate cancer.
Orange- Squash, yam, carrots and potatoes are foods that promote healthy lungs and protect against skin cancer.
Deep Blue And Purple- Eggplants, blueberries, plums helps liver absorb the extra cholesterol and improves your mental health.

Water- This is very beneficial for long life as it is very good for skin and a good source of energy. We need to drink enough water to remove toxins and keep our tissues hydrated. Water is an essential source of energy. If we are consuming fibrous foods then water is very important as it helps fibre to do it's job.


  1. Soy is horrible... period.. due yr research. read Nourishing Traditions and investigate the work Of Weston Price.

    1. Total agreement here. Also, grains of any kind, too much fruit also contribute to diabetes and heart disease.

      The blogger should read Wheat Belly and The Sugar Fix for more information.

    2. Not so if the soy is organic and unprocessed.

      However it should be brought to attention that these days most soy is genetically modified, so soy should be avoided unless it is organic and unprocessed.

    3. I responded to this similarly but my comment wasn't posted. Appears the publisher isn't all that interested in information, just rabbiting on about 'facts' found in other uninformed sources. You are correct. Soy is dangerous, GMO and should not be eaten unless it's organic and fermented like organic tofu.

    4. I agree Soy is not fit for humans Why would you feed your children girls or boys harmones that make them mature early and heaven knows what it does for ittle boys,

    5. Absolutely! - to list soy first as a health food, discredits this article entirely. In addition to soy itself not being healthy, it is one of the most prolific GMO food produced.
      And water - water is great, but you must consider its source. Tap water is infiltrated with fluoride as well as Rx drugs and other poisons.
      The suggestion that people research Weston Price and look at the book, Nourishing Traditions, is good advice.

  2. The internet is awash in non-truths and speculative morons. Everyone seems to be an educated derelict. And the disinformation program by our fascist gov and big business is widespread on the internet. You think the major media shovels out propaganda....the internet is MUCH WORSE. And that's the way "they" want it.

    Ditto to the above comment. Only fermented soy is good for the body.

  3. soy is poison

    most soy is gm

  4. Dietetics is like the Bible and economics and psychiatry and all the other bs; in it you can always find equal amounts of support and opposition for the selfsame thing ;-)


  5. Almost all soy available in grocery stores or as an ingredient in processed foods is GMO. The only form of soy that is safe is organic fermented soy like organic tofu. Suggesting soy as a 'long life' substance is ignorant, ill-informed and irresponsible.

    Either employ someone who understands the current dangers of genetically modified foods or refrain from publishing any reports regarding healthy foods. Truly reprehensible to promote this article. None of the information is actually new or, in the case of soy, correct.

  6. everyone has their own opinion dumfuck, go vegan win the game, end of story.

  7. Soy is Poison unless it is fermented.

  8. soy? you gotta be kidding!!!!

  9. Mark's Daily Apple :)


  10. Soy in the U.S. is almost ALL GMO. Don't tell me it is safe and healthy...