September 30, 2012

Maid in Dubai tries to kill herself after her employers don't pay her for 3 months. Woman is arrested for attempting suicide and fined $270

 A maid who was thrown out of her sponsor's house stood in the road waiting for a car to run her over, a court heard.

"Yes, I meant to end my life by standing in the street," the maid, AM, 24, from Ethiopia, told the Misdemeanour Court.
She said she decided to kill herself after her sponsor refused to pay her for three months' work.
The maid claimed she did not know the address of the villa at which she worked, but was thrown out on September 10 after her sponsor complained about her work the previous day.
She asked for her salary for the previous three months to be sent to her family in Ethiopia, but was told her sponsor did not have the money. After being kicked out, she had nowhere to go and did not know how to reach the agency that brought her to the UAE.
"I found myself thrown away and I thought of my poor family back home. I felt desperate and decided I should die," she said.
She stood in the middle of the two-way street and waited.
A 25-year-old policeman was driving near Al Jahith School when he spotted her. "I started talking to her to understand why she was standing there. When she told me I informed her it was wrong to do so," he said. "I finally managed to have her step aside."
The court found her guilty of attempting suicide and fined her Dh1,000.


  1. In the US the police officer would have tasered her before fining her. Those Dubai people are nice folks.

  2. In America she would have gotten prison time, and had a place to stay, albeit worse than suicide.

  3. sounds more like they were afraid she'd damage a car by being hit with it..

    Mad Angel on FB

  4. To Muslims, blacks are disposable people, slaves basically, nothing new here for that part of the world. Whilst the west has moved on from slavery it is alive and well in the Arab nations, just hidden behind a facade of "employment" as seen in this case, a very thin facade.

  5. LS...

    Our Queen Beatrix likes to go to Dubai to make sure here Shell millions are safe. The Netherlands are all so famous for child and women trafficking. The world most famous child abuser is Joris Demmink the secretary general of Justice in The Netherlands... And you think it is all about cheese, windmills and wooden shoes... May God have mercy on the sole of every god dammed Dutchman who allows this to happen !