October 31, 2012

50 dramatic images of destruction caused by superstorm and hurricane Sandy

 A rollercoaster is battered by waves near a storm-destroyed pier off the New Jersey coast in this aerial photograph provided by the US Air Force
 Floodwaters from Superstorm Sandy surround homes in South Bethany, Delaware
 This aerial photo shows burnt-out homes in the Breezy Point section of the Queens borough of New York
People look at one of many homes badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy is pictured in the Cosey Beach neighbourhood of East Haven, Connecticut
 The John B. Caddell, a 168-foot water tanker, lies grounded on the shore in the Stapleton neighbourhood of New York's Staten Island
 A road leading into Mirlo Beach in Rodanthe, North Carolina, is buckled from pounding surf whipped up by Sandy
 Brian Hajeski reacts as he looks at debris of a home that washed up on to a bridge in Mantoloking, New Jersey
 A flooded section of Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island, New Jersey
 A parking lot full of yellow cabs is flooded in Hoboken, NJ
 A runway at the Teterboro Airport in New York is flooded in the wake of Superstorm Sandy
 People stand among the burnt-out remains of homes in Breezy Point, Queens, New York
 This aerial view, taken during a search and rescue mission by 1-150 Assault Helicopter Battalion, shows the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy to the New Jersey coast
 Zoe Jurusik paddle-boards down a flooded city street in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in Bethany Beach, Delaware

 This image from NOAA's GOES-13 satellite shows the massive Superstorm Sandy bearing down on the east coast of the US
 A crane attached to One57, a luxury apartment tower under construction in midtown Manhattan, hangs down after partially collapsing. The penthouse apartment in One57, which is planned be the tallest residential property in Manhattan at 90 storeys, sold earlier this year for more than $90 million.
 The Plaza along Water Street in lower Manhattan is flooded after Superstorm Sandy hit New York City
 A flooded car park in the Wall Street area of lower Manhattan
A still taken from a surveillance camera capturing footage of water engulfing an underground station in Hoboken, N.J.
 Rising water, caused by Superstorm Sandy, rushes into a subterranean parking garage in the Financial District of New York
 Sea water floods the Ground Zero construction site in New York
 Water reaches street level at the West Street entrance to the Battery Park Underpass
 This photo issued by MTA New York City Transit shows an emergency dam erected across the train tracks at IRT Subway Lenox Terminal at 148th Street, in Harlem, New York, as part of flood preparations
 Fire fighters evaluate the scene of an apartment building in New York after the front wall collapsed due to Hurricane Sandy
 An emergency worker carries an elderly resident from flood waters brought on by Superstorm Sandy in Little Ferry, New Jersey
 The storm surge engulfs the Inlet section of Atlantic City, N.J.
 An ambulance is stuck in over a foot of snow near Belington, West Virginia. Superstorm Sandy buried parts of West Virginia under more than a foot of snow, cutting power to at least 264,000 customers and closing dozens of roads.
 Waves pound a lighthouse on the shores of Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio
Emergency personnel stand in front of a tree that fell on a house after being toppled by winds from the remnants of Sandy in the east end of Toronto
 This photo provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York shows a boat resting on the tracks at Metro-North's Ossining Station
 HMS Bounty, a 180-foot (54.86 meters) tall ship, sinks beneath the waves after being hit by Hurricane Sandy
 Cars are partially submerged on a flooded street in Hoboken in New Jersey,
 High winds blow sea foam onto Jeanette's Pier in Nags Head, N.C. as wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy move into the area
 A 'keep off the dunes' sign is buried in Cape May, NJ, after a storm surge from superstorm Sandy pushed the Atlantic Ocean over the beach and into the streets
A street sign in Cape May, New Jersey, is partially buried in sand after the storm surge from Sandy pushed the Atlantic Ocean over the beach
 People view the area where a 2000-foot section of the uptown boardwalk was destroyed by flooding in Atlantic City
 High sand levels cover benches on the beach in West Haven, Connecticut after Sandy hit the area
 Streets are flooded under the Manhattan Bridge in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, N.Y.
 Taxis line a flooded street in Queens, New York, as Hurricane Sandy batters the East Coast
Homes and vehicles are destroyed after a fire caused by Superstorm Sandy swept through Breezy Point, Queens
 A National Guard humvee travels through high water to check the area after the effects of Hurricane Sandy in Ocean City, Md.
 A fire destroyed around 50 homes in a flooded neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Queens. The Breezy Point district was left a smouldering tangle of wood and metal after the blaze. Firefighters said it was a miracle that only two minor injuries were reported.
 Debris litters a flooded street in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn
 Michael Wirtz braves flood waters and high winds along North Michigan Avenue in Atlantic City
 Breezy Point had been extensively flooded by Sandy's record storm surge, and firefighters were hampered in their efforts to bring the blaze under control. Breezy Point is a private beach community in the Rockaway area, a narrow spit of land barely above sea level that thrusts into the Atlantic Ocean southwest of John F Kennedy International Airport.
 A man walks through a deserted Times Square in New York ahead of Superstorm Sandy
 Medical workers assist a patient into an ambulance during an evacuation of New York University's Tisch Hospital after its backup generator failed when the power was knocked out by a superstorm
 A driver pictured in his classic American car drives along a wet road as a wave crashes against the Malecon in Havana, Cuba.
 People walk on a street littered with debris after Hurricane Sandy hit Santiago de Cuba
A boy puts his feet into oversized rain boots as heavy rains from Hurricane Sandy pour down in Port-au-Prince.


  1. I pray that this storm will wake up AMERICA to the grave sin it is living in. Gay Marriage, Abortion, Cohabition, Pervison all of all types, killing of our children, pedophilia, Liberlism, Athiest, not living the 10 Commandments Our Lord gave us. JUSTICE WILL COME AND OUR LORD WILL PURIFY THIS EARTH, GOD CREATED THE EARTH PERFECT AND MAN HAS DESTROYED GODS EARTH. People of this world better wake up and start living a good clean moral life, because this is just the beginning and isnt anything that GOD will do to wake up HIS world. He gave us the Earth to live in under HIS commandents and not of our own desires. Wait till entire states disappear off the face of the earth, and entire cities are swollowed up and will be gone forever. I suggest you get on your knees tonight and ask for GOD to forgive you for all your sins, and to evangelize to save all souls.

  2. Our Blessed Mother statue was not blown away by winds, or swept away by water because Our Lord left HIS MOTHER there as a sign for us to get it right.

  3. May Almighty God have Mercy on all those who have suffered through this storm and help us to come together to assist one another in what ever way we can.

  4. How amazing with all this destruction only so few lives were taken. How merciful God is even in chastisement!

  5. Thaks for these wonderful high definition photos - they are wonderful.

  6. Our Lady of Grace stands among all the devastation. God is with us always and this statue is mute testimony of His presence among us. Now it is we who must follow His Commandments and exercise love and charity to neighbors.

  7. Do you all believe in God now?

    1. now,is not the time to make comment or blaming one another. let's be human by comforting eachother ,God bless us all.

  8. With all the devastating photos there is the one of the Blessed Mother. She is all in tact and not even dirty and yet there is no mention of this miracle in the caption below the photo . This photo is truly a miracle. Thank you LORD

  9. Its a wake up call for the North-East Cost and all the areas around them we need to pray more and get it right u had 9/11 now this the next time underwater and gone, I hate to see this happen

  10. similar upheavals occur in mothers' wombs, legally everyday in this country.

  11. That's what is saddest of all. Most people won't make the connection that this is a sign from God to repent. The sin of Pride must be the most serious because it is saying "No, I will not bow down before You." Thus, every other sin will follow.

  12. This is the pebble before the brick.

    If we do not get on our knees and pray-we will be driven to them.


  13. By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, Deliver us from evil.--Prayer given by Our Lady of America to Sister Mildred Neuzil in Rome City, Indiana, 1956.

  14. Belief in God continues, regardless, in good times or bad.

  15. The untouched statue of Our Blessed Mother in amidst all that devastation is Gods'way of showing us He is in command.
    Our Lady of Garabandal, on October 18, 1961, and June 18,, 1965, told the children, "We must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. Gods' cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.
    Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over".

    Are we listening?? What will it take for us to wake up and
    do Gods' will?

    1. Already in Fatima in 1917 the Blessed Mother asked us to amend our lives, make reparation and sin no more, esp. through the sin of impurity. She also said that if we do not amend our lives a 2nd much worse war will follow. It did! And still evil is spreading like wild fire. Of all the Blessed Mother's messages in Fatima, only one has not yet been fulfilled, which is "the annihilation of nations." Is America, the Christian country, getting it finally? Abortion, the Obamanation is worse than ever under our current government. How many Catholics will vcte for our immoral president. Intrinsic evil is reigning in our WH. Will the Blessed Mother's final message of annihilation of whole nations come true? Let's get on our knees and pray, repent, sacrifice and fast for God's Mercy, although we deserve His wrath.

    2. What else that God has to prove that he exists? His message is spread throughout the world, let's all pray for mercy.

  16. Surely His first concern was saving the ceramic statue of Mary.
    Use you head.

    1. You must be the idiot of all idiots, mocking the mother of your saviour. You must be an atheist or a Muslim? When the earth under your feet shakes,I hope you are still laughing until it swalows you in.

  17. This is what happens when people challenge God. This is just a prelude to what is coming to all sinners. Keep straying from God America and see what kind of idiots we all are. All He will do is change the weather and we are all gone. Maybe He will just open up the Ozone layer or let the EMP hit earth to cleanse it once more of all sinners. Did you notice the areas badly hit are the areas with laws contrary to God's commandments? Watch out California the big EQ is coming....

  18. The punishment of God is without a sound or a pole you can hang on to. Like they say. There is no Atheist in the foxhole, and this time I hope unbelievers will wake up. America was founded by Christian believers, that is why it was blessed. But now, people are straying away from God. Read the Bible and see what happens to people and nations that offended God. Who are we to question HIM? We are nothing but a pile of bones and dirt in the cemetery. No one even know when HE calls us for our last judgement.Repent people and seek God again before it is too late.

  19. North America has had Hurricanes long before the Indians migrated here from Asia-Who was god punishing then-the gators in the everglades? You should be more worried about the Muslim takeover of your country from within than the effects of a few large hurricanes. Wake up America before Sharia tales over!

  20. God had nothing to do with it. Hurricanes are caused by the rotation of the earth. What you should be afraid of is the way that Muslims are trying to take over your country. Read After America by Mark Steyn.