November 29, 2012

How To Get Regular Bowel Movement?

Constipation is a common health problem for kids as well as adults. Lack of water in the body, improper diet, eating habits, lack of physical activity and bad lifestyle leads to constipation.
You can cure constipation and improve your bowel movements by having nutritious foods, drinking lots of water and following a healthy lifestyle. Do you often suffer from improper bowel movements? Stop taking pills and churans. You have to eat healthy so to cure constipation naturally. Here are few steps to improve bowel movements and make it a regular task!

Tips to get regular bowel movement:

Eat fibrous foods: Fresh fruits and vegetables such as celery, green beans, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, onions, cantaloupe, tomatoes and carrots are rich in fibre. Fibre rich foods are easy to digest and soluble too. So, these vegetables and fruits will not stick in the intestine but pass out easily. Banana is the best medicine to cure constipation. To get regular bowel movement, eat fresh fruits like apple, papaya, watermelon, berries, lemon, mango and grapefruit.

Cut down on sweets: It would be sad to know that sweets and desserts cannot cure constipation. This is because foods with sweet are low in fibre thus they are not easily soluble. To prevent irregular bowel movement and constipation, control your craving of sweet tooth.

Drink plenty of fluids: Dehydration often leads to irregular bowel movements. To have regular bowel movement, drink lots of water and fresh fluids like fruit juice or vegetable juice. Fibre can be best utilised by the body if you drink lots of water. Water helps flush out toxins from the body and also loosen up stool consistency.

Hot lemon juice in the morning: Many people have the habit of having a glass of water (hot/cold) to improve bowel movement and cure constipation. Lemon juice with hot water can be the best natural remedy to prevent irregular bowel movement.

Exclude fatty foods: Love pizzas, cheesy burgers, french fries or rolls? Well, these fatty foods can never help you get regular bowel movement. Fatty foods are hard to break down thus it disrupts the bowel movements and often leads to bloating or constipation. Exclude fatty foods to prevent irregular bowel movements as they are low in fibre too! It is best to have whole grains and cereals as they are easy to digest, low in calories and rich in fibre.

These are few tips to get regular bowel movements. Apart from this, working out everyday helps flush out harmful toxins from the body and also keeps you fit and active.

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