January 29, 2013

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

1. Upset stomach- The use of this pepper enhances the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the abdomen. So, it facilitates a healthy digestion process. This action is important to prevent the problems of diarrhea, constipation and colic. It also fixes the issues of excessive production of intestinal gas. And it clears body toxins by increasing the rate of sweating and

2. Weight loss- The outer layer of this spice helps to break and dissolve the fat cells in your body. So, it forms a very fine remedy for losing weight, the natural way.

3. Skin health- It helps to treat the condition of vitiligo. In this problem, the skin loses its natural pigments and becomes white. The use of black pepper helps to stimulate the production of skin pigments and improve this illness. It also prevents the onset of a skin cancer issue.

4. Cough and cold- In Indian Ayurveda, black pepper is added to the tonics of cold and cough, due to its anti-infection values. It also gives relief from the problems of sinusitis and nasal congestion.

5. Antioxidant power- Due to the antioxidant rich content of this pepper, it helps to control the movement of free radicals. So, it prevents the troubles of cancer, various heart diseases and an ill-liver condition.

6. Respiratory disorders- Black pepper helps to control many respiratory problems, due to its anti-bacterial nature. It mainly heals the disorders of asthma and whooping cough by bringing out the blocked phlegm and clearing the nasal passages.

7. Dental health- As this spice can kill germs and plaque, so it helps to fix the problems of tooth decay and toothache, too.

Black pepper is one of the most used spices with amazing health benefits. It can treat the problems of upset stomach, obesity, vitiligo, cough, cold and respiratory and dental disorders. You can sprinkle its powder on your salads, smoothies and other food recipes for reaping all these advantages. But use it only in moderate amounts as its hot by nature.

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