February 26, 2013

Man arrested after calling 911 nine times trying to order a cheeseburger

A New Castle man's hunger for a cheeseburger landed him in jail.
Fifty two-year-old Gregory Jackson Sr. was so hungry this past Friday night, he called 911 to get it. Not just once, but according to the New Castle Police incident report, nine times in about a 90 minute span.
Instead of sending him a cheeseburger, however, New Castle police sent an officer to Jackson's apartment and arrested him.
Friday night, New Castle 911 emergency dispatchers got a phone call from Gregory Jackson Sr.  The 911 calls obtained by 24-Hour News 8 show at first, the dispatcher didn't know it was him.
Dispatcher: Do you have an emergency sir, because you dialed 911.
Gregory: I dialed 911.
Dispatcher: Yeah you dialed 911. 
Much of what Jackson said was hard to understand.
Dispatcher: I don't, I am not understanding a word your saying sir.
Gregory: (unintelligible)
Dispatcher: OK, what did you need? 
The dispatcher worked to try and figure it out. 
Dispatcher: OK, so why did you call 911 for, what do you need. 
Dispatcher: Do you have an emergency?
Gregory: A cheeseburger.
Dispatcher: Have a good day.  
But Gregory didn't give up.  He called back again. .
Dispatcher911, Your emergency.
Greg: Yes, I just spoke with you. You hung up on me.
Dispatcher: Well I asked if you had an emergency. You said no, you needed a cheeseburger. So we don't take cheeseburger orders. 
And again.
Dispatcher: You know if you give me some information maybe we can try and help you out. 
Eventually, the dispatcher found out the man on the phone was very familiar to the New Castle Police Dept.
Gregory Jackson Sr. is a man with a long criminal history, mostly alcohol related.  Jackson did serve time in prison for theft, dealing a controlled substance and criminal recklessness.  The dispatcher was afraid Jackson hadn't had anything to eat in a long time, so they sent an officer to his apartment.
Dispatcher: You hear them knocking?
Greg: Yes.
Jackson has an extensive arrest and conviction record.  It turns out, he was wanted on a warrant for failing to appear at a court hearing issued two days before making the emergency cheeseburger calls.
Now, he is being held in the Henry County Jail, awaiting an appearance scheduled for Wednesday.
Police didn't immediately arrest Jackson on any preliminary charges related to the 911 calls.

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