April 23, 2013

Muslim community tipped off RCMP about terror plot

 Muslims want a safe Canada, too.

That's what Muhammad Robert Heft, a Muslim community leader in Scarborough, wants his fellow Torontonians to know as the RCMP arrested a Muslim man in the GTA for allegedly plotting a rail attack that would have taken innocent lives. Not only do Muslims in the city condemn the attack, they turned over information in a bid to help foil it.

"There is going to be backlash," he said, alluding to those who will blame the Muslim community. "But I want to reiterate. Who was the one who tipped the RCMP off? It was our community."

Heft said Muslim leaders are often criticized for not speaking up or not turning over information about radicalized community members. They are cooperating, he said.

"We have to be on the front lines," he said. "To either nip it in the bud in the very beginning or co-operate with authorities so they can be brought to justice."

Heft himself runs an out-reach program for youth who are at risk of being radicalized.

"At the end of the day, it's not how you dress, it's how you think," he said. "In our community we may look a little different, but in our hearts we love Canada. It's our country. It's our tribe. We want safety for all Canadians regardless of their religion."


  1. Gov/FBI/Mossad False Flags will proliferate across North America now that the PTB have seen the "brave" Bostonians comply, in unison, to "lockdown" (prison term, incidentally) over their latest FALSE FLAG/HOAX.

    Muslims will turn in IMAGINARY suspects, neighbor will snitch on neighbor, USrael military/cops will march into Canada etc. and Canadians will find out what living in Stalin's Russia was like, first-hand.

    1. Can't agree more with you weather or not this is real or not or the fact it was caught and that a Muslim cleric or something helped .it has put the meme out there watch out for potential Muslim threat give up your rights or we can't promise your safety which they can't anyways