April 16, 2013

'Muslims are evil. Let’s kill them all': Fox News pundit Erik Rush provokes furious reaction with Twitter rant after Boston Marathon bombs

While public officials were urging caution in the immediate aftermath of the bomb attack on the Boston Marathon, some were quick to apportion blame.
One of those was a Fox News contributor Erik Rush, who provoked a furious reaction after seemingly advocating the killing of Muslims in response to the attack.
With no information about the attackers yet made public, Mr Rush appeared to imply in a tweet that the culprit was from Saudi Arabia.
“@erikrush Everybody do the National Security Ankle Grab! Let's bring more Saudis in without screening them! C'mon! #bostonmarathon.”
Then when he was asked by another Twitter user whether he was blaming Muslims for the attack, Mr Rush responded: “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.”
Mr Rush later claimed he was being sarcastic went he sent the response.
His comments nevertheless provoked a fierce reaction. One user wrote: “Hope people don't go on the ‘Muslims did it’ bandwagon. Don't be an idiot and know the facts first.”
Another commented: “Apparently someone at Fox News tweeted ‘Kill All Muslims’ after the explosions. As a Boston resident, and as a human being, I'm disgusted.”
Mr Rush responded to one Twitter user who complained about his comments by saying: “Sarcasm, idiot.”
But in subsequent comments on the social networking site he hit out at “Islamist apologists.”
He wrote: “It's nice to see all the Islamist apologists standing up for those who would waste them in a heartbeat.”
Mr Rush, a New York-born conservative columnist and regular contributor to Fox News, gained notoriety during the 2008 election campaign when he highlighted controversial comments made by Barack Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright.
He has also written articles critical of Islam. Last year, Mr Rush wrote a comment piece titled ‘Yes, Islam is an enemy’. In it he argued that Islam was incompatible with American society.
“Islam has never played well with others, and this is because it is a worldview with a creed, dogma and religious aspects, rather than a religion per se. All of these militate against its tolerance of divergent societies and cultures,” he wrote.
He went on: “This is truth: Both the political left and Islamists in America have been exploiting the First Amendment and Americans’ generous nature in order to conquer us.”


  1. Well, people like Rush blamed Muslims for 911, and now it comes clearer and clearer that there was no Muslim "hijackers" on those planes.

    More likely a Mossad black op to intensify anti Muslim feeling around the world

  2. Who benefits the most is the number one tool used to identify offenders. Means, motive and opportunity stitch into that equation. So ask yourselves who would be the big winners in the fallout from this event? I won't help, put your mind to it and I guarantee you will come up with the same list of usual suspects that I have.

  3. haters gonna hate, you have satan worshipers, cow worshipers, all kind of flavors of humans in this reality, who gives a fuck what this zionist hates and summons to do? taking this person serious and reaction upon his rhetoric is the wrong thing to and fuels this entity. leave it, let it rott away I say...

  4. "Islam has never played well with others..."...wait a second, how many christian crusades and isn't Jesus a prophet in Islam? ho-hum, just another wannabee fascist Two Minutes Hate session at murdoch's lie factory.

    The script that Erik the viking is regurgitating(whether he knows it or not), comes from a book known as the Scofield reference bible, which has been debunked, and it's author exposed as a con-man(he claimed being "saved" of course, don't they all? wink wink).

    In any case, the scofield reference bible is a fraud, and that is where you will find all the bigotry, hate, fear, and lies against Muslims in carefully contorted and skillfully twisted "reference notes"(especially if it's so called "christians" doing it). Keep in mind, most evangelical Christian partisans are still blissfully unaware of the core teaching of this "dual covenant" theology, which is why militant zionist supremacists support them as useful idiots, while holding their noses of course.

    Grace Halsell: De-bunker of Christian Zionist Doctrine

    The Roots of Christian Zionism, Part I, The Cause of the Conflict

    The Foreign Policy of 20 Million Would-Be Immortals

  5. Religious Muslims are evil