July 28, 2013

A 95-year-old resident of a nursing home died early Saturday, hours after being shocked with a Taser and bean bag rounds in a confrontation with police.

 Police are waiting for an autopsy to determine the cause of death of a 95-year-old Park Forest nursing home resident who died several hours after a confrontation with officers, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.
Park Forest Police say in a statement they were called to a Victory Centre nursing home at 101 Main Street to assist a private ambulance company with what they say was a combative 95-year-old male resident who was being involuntarily committed for medical treatment.
According to the statement, arriving officers were confronted by the man identified as John Warna who was threatening paramedics and staff with a metal cane and a two-foot long metal shoehorn. Police say he would not drop the items and instead produced a foot-long butcher knife.
Again police say he refused to comply with verbal commands to drop it and they used a Taser which was ineffective. Officers then used non-lethal beanbag rounds and the man dropped the weapon and was taken into custody.
Police say he was alert and talking before being taken to a local hospital. He was then transferred to Christ Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 2:30 a.m.
Neighbors say there had to be a better way to get the man to stop waving his cane and brandishing the knife.
“If they were smart policemen, one could have got in the front of that man and one could have went through back door and thrown a sheet over him, put him down and put the cuffs on him before they shot him,” said neighbor David Atkins.
Administrators at Victory Centre say they’d never had any problems with the resident.
“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family as we mourn the loss of one of our own,” said Emily Powell, Victory Centre Executive Director.


  1. That to teach the "useless eaters" to live beyond the official ObamaCare mortality table specified age.

  2. its beyond me.. you only see this stuff in the USA of all the western modern nations..were turning into a fat, lazy, uncaring, military, Bozo the clown nation. hey lets help the old jerck by tasering him... take him down like a wild horse...

  3. Cops now in line for promotion.

  4. Exactly. How long before he tired out and needed a nap?
    The cops could have scarfed down a few dozen doughnuts while they waited.

  5. HOW are cops being trained these days? ARE THEY being trained these days? It seems as though departments just hire whatever local bullies they can find, arm them and turn them loose on the unfortunate public! EVERYONE knows that Tasers are too often deadly. In fact they sometimes cause a fatal heart arrhythmia, and have killed children, healthy 19 year-olds and grown, muscular adults! SO why did these idiots choose to use a Taser on a 95 year old man?? I sounds to me as though he was having a psychotic episode, so that means his heart was already under stress. Well, they sure cured THAT little problem, didn't they? Good GOD what idiots! I hope the family ends up OWNING that city after the suit!