November 29, 2014

Letter: Maple Ridge saved Riddick's family

 A new makeshift memorial for Riddick Servio, complete with flowers and a few token stuffed animals - including a Mickey Mouse with a "missing you" message written on its hand - have recently affixed to the stop sign where Riddick was killed at this time last year at the entrance to Meadowtown Centre in Pitt Meadows. RIP, Riddick! 

This letter has gone viral today.

Thanks for sharing this incredibly powerful note from Riddick's family.         - Editor 

Dear Editor,
A year ago, we lost our precious little boy, Riddick. He was three months shy of his third birthday. 
My husband and I moved to Maple Ridge in 2005. Never having had any family here at all, we didn’t really feel like this was home for us, or at least, I didn’t feel like this was home for us. I always felt like we would move back to the Okanagan at some point; it was just a matter of time.
But that all changed for us last year. What was supposed to be a highly anticipated Mother-and-Son day turned into the worst day of my life. My perfect, bubbly gentle giant died right in front me. 
Immediately, I was in lockdown. I shut my doors, closed the blinds, protected my heart. I was unaware of what was happening around me. I have fleeting memories of meeting people, saying thank you, giving hugs; but ultimately, I had no idea the magnitude at which our loss had affected so many people. 
The residents of Maple Ridge suddenly rallied together to support us, to lift us up in our time of need, to make us feel part of this community. There were people who organized meals for my all family and friends who came from afar, those who donated a toy for the Christmas Hamper in honour of Riddick, those who provided food and refreshments at my home after Riddick’s burial, those who helped organize the beautiful vigil that evening, and those who organized the fundraiser on the GoFund website.
Suddenly, we can’t move from this wonderful and generous community that embraced and welcomed us at the lowest time of our lives.
I am a proud resident of Maple Ridge and a proud friend of those whom I have come to know through this ordeal. Thank you is simply too small of words to describe the gratitude we feel. 
I particularly want to thank the men and women who came running to help Riddick and me on the day of the accident. I need them to know that I saw them, and while I might not know their names or remember their faces if I saw them on the street, they should know that I am forever indebted to them for all their efforts.
Those who see us and want to ask about Riddick, please do, as we love any opportunity to talk about our son. Maybe I will tell a funny story that will make someone smile.  
You should all be very proud of yourselves. While we may not have been able to save Riddick, you all helped save the rest of his family. 
The Servio Family, Maple Ridge

 2013: This community was rocked a year ago by the tragic death of a little boy named Riddick at the Meadowtown Shopping Centre. His family now share their thanks for the outpouring of support they received. 


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