January 12, 2015

NYPD Officers Being Threatened With Loss Of Vacation Time If Work Slowdown Doesn't End Soon

NYPD officers are reportedly being threatened with no vacation days, sick time, and even lunch breaks until they stop their slowdown and start making more arrests.
The New York Post reports that precincts throughout New York City are forcing their officers to give their commanders activity sheets that keep track of how many arrests and/or summonses they follow through on during their shift. If the numbers don’t add up, sources say that officers are being threatened with no vacation time, sick time, and even lost lunch breaks.
“Police officers around the city are now threatened with transfers, no vacation time and sick time unless they write summonses,” a source told The New York Post. “This is the same practice that caused officers to be labeled racist and abusers of power.”
One officer told the Post that the summonses they are being forced to write aren’t doing anything to protect and serve the people, which is the job of the police department.
“Everyone here is under orders — no time off,” the cop reportedly said. “And the majority of [new] summonses written aren’t protecting the public in any way. But now they’re realizing how much revenue the city is losing and they’re enforcing their will upon us.
“To have all the manpower utilized for the sole purpose of writing summonses is a very dangerous way to utilize manpower,” the officer continued. “This is not what we’re out here for.”
In the weeks following the fatal shootings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu at the hands of a crazed gunman, officers have reportedly written less summonses and made less arrests than usual. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said that the activity has decreased nearly 90 percent since the shootings last month and called the sudden drop a “slowdown.” 


  1. Proof positive that the main reason for the NYPD is to fill the corrupt bureaucrat's pockets and intimidate the populace.

  2. There are no ticket quotas...honest! Explain this BS.

  3. Something is really wrong when the police are made to make more arrest. This, tells a bigger story about real corruption, bigger than any TV show. Americans are just cattle to the people who live by government.

  4. Protect the revenue stream and Serve the 1%