April 09, 2015

Rhodiola – Powerful Herbs To Lose Weight and Treat Depression

Few people have probably heard of rhodiola rosea, also known as golden root, but it is quickly gaining more attention in the public as research reveals the many benefits of this adaptogenic herb. This plant grows at very high altitudes in mountains regions around the world and historically has been used by both the Vikings and Sherpa guides for its ability to boost energy and stamina.
Adaptogenic herbs are highly useful for human health: rather than acting on one particular organ or system, they work throughout the body to make it more resistant to the harmful side effects of stress and can prove beneficial for treating many ailments, like the ones below.

Abdominal Obesity

Rhodiola is a safe and effective dietary aid for those wanting to lose weight, especially if the problem is stubborn belly fat. This “golden root” contains an active compound called rosavin. Rosavin is so effective as a fat burner because it stimulates an enzyme called lipase which the body makes naturally and which is responsible for the breakdown of fat, particularly fat stored around the waist. Several clinical studies have backed this up, including one in Georgia where participants lost an average of 19 pounds during treatment!

Low Energy Levels

This herb can also help boost low energy levels and combat fatigue. It acts to increase the body’s stamina to boost erythropoietin, which in turn is able to stimulate the production of red blood cells. A higher red blood cell count translates into better oxygenation and more efficient nutrient delivery to the cells, which can easily translate into better energy levels. It has been successful used on patients with chronic or adrenal fatigue and also for athletes to enhance their performance. It also can do this without jitteriness or other unfortunate side effects of many stimulants.


Depression is a widespread problem worldwide and while those who suffer from it do have the choice of a number of prescription anti-depressants, many of them can come with side effects that make them much less attractive. Rhodiola, however, can help to treat depression naturally through increasing the sensitivity of neurons to neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, both of which can boost overall mood and fight depression without unwanted side effects. In one clinical trial, nearly 2/3 of the participants being studied reported a decrease or cessation in depression signs and symptoms after a course of treatment with rhodiola.
So if weight gain, fatigue, or depression have been a problem, rhodiola may offer a healthy and natural alternative to traditional medical treatments. Its adaptogenic properties have proven useful for burning fat, boosting energy levels and alleviating depression, all of which can greatly improve overall health.

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