May 19, 2015

Onion: More Than an Ingredient

Onions are a prime staple for the kitchen. Onions are nutritious, delicious and are necessary for many delightful recipes. They can be eaten raw, grilled, baked or cooked. While veggies of all types are good for your health, onions are incredibly beneficial to your body.

The Amazing Benefits of Onion

Onions are simple to grow: plant them in damp soil and care for them (organic fertilizers are the best to use). This little veggie provides a lot of health benefits most people are not aware of.


Onions provide chromium, an active component that is highly beneficial to those suffering from Diabetes. Chromium regulates blood sugar, but it does much more than that. It helps with cholesterol, cravings, resistance to insulin and body fat. These qualities allow it to help prevent many Diabetes-related conditions.

Pain Reliever

Eating a bit of fresh onion is a great way to stem pain or burning sensations, especially from insect bites and bee stings. Of course, it has the anti-inflammatory benefits as well, which helps keep bites or stings from swelling.


A bit of onion can provide the body with a ton of nutrients that combat infections. It prevents infection from developing, as well as inflammations, making it a perfect snack for those with arthritis or allergies.


Onions contain sulfur, a component that stimulates amino acid production within the brain. This stimulation encourages the nervous system to function better, reducing symptoms related to depression, anxiety, stress and other mental conditions.

Immune System Health

Packed with phytochemicals, onions naturally provide a boost to the immune system. Phytochemicals enhance the benefits of Vitamin C, as well as promote resistance against disease or infection. You’ll heal quicker too!

Heart Health

As mentioned above, onions regulate cholesterol, thereby regulating blood pressure. Onions effect on the body can promote overall cardiovascular health, preventing strokes, heart attacks and other conditions.


We all know the importance of calcium. Onions actually have a lot of it! Calcium maintains bone strength and health. The sulfur in them contributes to healthy joints, tissues and tendons! Onions are a great way to reduce the chance of bone loss in those suffering from arthritic conditions, as well as aging people.


Fiber-rich onions provide the elements you need to keep your digestion going right. Onions encourage chemicals and waste to be released, preventing health conditions and ensuring that everything is properly digested.


Almost all vegetables are high in antioxidants. Onions, however, have a ton! They prevent free radical damage, keep the immune system strong in times of duress or cell damage. Onions can prevent tumors, ulcers and other problems.


Flavonoids, such as Quercetin, are wonderful components that provide cancer preventing properties to the body. Onions are high in these components, reducing damage to the DNA, preventing tumor formation and reducing the likelihood of developing ovarian cancer.
Onions are amazing vegetables. They provide a ton of health benefits to the human body. Incorporate onions into your soups, salads, sauces and other recipes for a delightful flavor and health boost.

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