June 07, 2015

Man arrested for 'kidnapping' his own son, after neighbours didn't recognise him with his new beard

A father has been arrested after his neighbours didn’t recognise him with a new beard and accused him of kidnapping his own son.
Swedish dad Torkel Kristoffers recently grew a beard to replace his normally clean shaven look. The 39 year old father was playing outside with his two year old son, Axel, when the boy asked to be carried in a grocery bag.
Torkel agreed and swung Axel in his canvass bag, to the toddler's delight.
However, a concerned neighbour spotted Axel being placed in the grocery bag by Torkel and failed to recognise the father with his new beard.
They phoned the police who raided his home and arrested him on suspicion of kidnapping his own child.
Police soon realised their mistake and released him. A policewoman confirmed the error, reportedly reassuring the public: “It is currently not a crime to carry a child around in a bag.”
Torkel posted about the dramatic case of mistaken identity on his Facebook page, joking that he now intends to shave his beard to prevent further arrests.


  1. In America, the father would have been shot and the child would have been placed in protective custody, and the police chief would have denied any error. American exceptionalism!

  2. House would have been destroyed by SWAT team and family Shih Tzu would have been shot because the cops feared for their lives.