June 19, 2015

Why America Is Attracted To Donald Trump

The top 4 things America finds attractive about Donald Trump.
  1. Donald Trump clearly has business sense, or at least more so than any other candidate in this election. Here’s a man who has seen more than his share of successes and failures.  He knows what makes capitalism work and what makes it fail. Even though he’s not a true free enterpriser (he does abuse the courts and take advantage of government favoritism as it relates to business), it’ll be hard for the career politicians to debate him on economics.
  1. When Donald Trump has ideas, he finds ways to make them work. He’s not necessarily the most honest guy, but he isn’t inherently dishonest either in that he doesn’t promise things he cannot deliver. When Trump says he’ll do things, he typically does them. Why? His pursuit of excellence. Sure, he’s an egomaniac. But he possesses a confidence that many Americans find refreshing in a field of GOP lambs.
  1. Donald Trump raises the level of play for the rest of the candidates. At the very least, in Donald Trump’s brazen attempt to provide bluntness over eloquence, it allows for a dialogue that might otherwise not take place. Trump’s not afraid to poke his finger in his opponent’s chest, and that opens up the field for all other Republicans alike.
  2. Donald Trump believes in and loves America. We’ve been tied to the international whipping post too long. The current administration has apologized for America to every race, creed, nationality, gender, and orientation on the planet. Yet we have shamefully allowed ourselves to become THE worldwide villain on the cosmic wanted posters, despite our giving more resources globally to improve life than any other nation. Our enemies see attempts to appease them with self-deprecation as weakness. They have and will exploit that weakness to defeat us. Ronald Reagan once said that as a nation: “It is good to be liked, but it’s much better to be respected.” Donald Trump is unapologetic about respecting America and not caving to other movements, regimes, or nations. 

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