July 13, 2015

12 Healthy Reasons to Start Squeezing Lemons Specially In Empty stomach

Have you ever squeezed a lemon in water simply to enhance its taste? So many people have, yet few tend to realize the enormous health benefits of drinking lemon water. Lemon is a common, inexpensive, easily available and most widely used citrus fruit. Its characteristic flavour and refreshing smell make it a popular fruit for drinks. It is used in lemonade, soft drinks, cocktails and tea. It has a long list of benefits.
The juice of a fresh-squeezed lemon in water has many medicinal values, as well as its benefits for cleansing the body, stimulating the liver, and improving digestion and elimination.

12 Healthy Reasons to Start Squeezing Lemons Specially In Empty Stomach

Throat infections
Lemon juice along with warm water aids in fighting ailments associated with throat infections. Common maladies like tonsillitis and early morning sore throat often finds relief by drinking warm Lemon juice, which is much adored for its antibacterial properties.
Reduces Inflammations
Lemon juice extract which is an optimal ingredient that reduces the level of acidity inside our stomach, which helps in decreasing inflammations. So Lemon juice is a panacea for several diseases that stems out of soreness.
Improves Digestion
Several chemicals present in Lemon juice help in simulating our liver, which enhances the production of biliary juices that is needed for healthy digestion, alleviate heart burns, bloating and belching. Lemon juice is also congenial for promoting healthy bowel movements.
Balances pH
Lemons are an incredibly alkaline food, believe it or not. Yes, they are acidic on their own, but inside our bodies they’re alkaline (the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized). As you wellness warriors know, an alkaline body is really the key to good health.
Hydrates the lymph system
This cup of goodness helps start the day on a hydrated note, which helps prevent dehydration (obviously) and adrenal fatigue. When your body is dehydrated, or deeply dehydrated (adrenal fatigue) it can’t perform all of it’s proper functions, which leads to toxic buildup, stress, constipation, and the list goes on. Your adrenals happen to be two small glands that sit on top of your kidneys, and along with your thyroid, create energy.
Lemons are one of the few foods that contain more negatively-charged ions, which provides your body with more energy when they enter the digestive tract.
The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) that is found in lemons boosts healing and is an essential nutrient in maintaining bone, connective tissue, and cartilage health.
Cleanses Skin
The vitamin C component, as well as other antioxidants, helps reduce wrinkles and dark spots and fight free radicals. Vitamin C is vital for healthy and radiant skin since its alkaline nature kills certain types of bacterial known to cause acne.
Cold and Flu Remedy
We know lemon water has antioxidants, use mixture of a full lemon and a spoonful of manuka honey to ward off minor illness when he feels it coming on.
Deal With Fibromyalgia
A combination of lemon water and yoga stretches helps deal with exhaustion due to fibromyalgia.
Gall Bladder Pain
Drinking lemon water while eating has helped some deal with painful gall bladder stones.
Weight loss
Water with lemon helps with weight loss. Lemons contain pectin fiber, which helps suppress hunger cravings. Studies have proven people with a better alkaline diet have lost weight faster.
Lemon Water Recipe
1. Wake up.
2. Go straight to the kitchen and pour a glass of room temperature water (if you have digestive problems, use hot water).
3. Cut a lemon in half (don’t use bottled lemon juice as it can contain sulphites which a lot of people are allergic to).
4. Squeeze the juice of the lemon directly into the glass of water. Water should turn cloudy.
4. Drink.
5. Repeat the next morning, etc.

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