August 07, 2015

Devil’s Claw: 8 Health Benefits Of This Amazing Herb

The Devil’s Claw is a very powerful healing herb. Ancient African healers found a great number of uses for this plant. The most prevalent of these is for common indigestion but is also used to treat any affliction that gives pain, most notably joint pain from rheumatism.
The only part of the Devil’s Claw plant that is utilized in medicinal treatments is the tuberous root. The root contains aluminum, chromium, calcium, luteolin, selenium, oleanolic acid, magnesium, zinc, and tin. It is used as an analgesic for muscle pain and osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. It is also utilized as an anti-inflammatory for the same ailments, as well as gout.

8 Health benefits of Devil’s Claw Herb

Devil’s Claw extract is particularly rich in water-soluble antioxidants.
Anti-inflammatory/analgesic effects
In vitro studies are largely supportive of anti-inflammatory action. Mechanisms elucidated include inhibition of COX-2 enzymes and proinflammatory enzymes, antioxidant activity.
Lowering the cholesterol
Devil’s claw has a potential to lower the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine. It contains natural plant sterols called beta sterols. These sterols are not absorbed through intestine into blood stream. These sterols prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol as well. Therefore, devil’s claw is a very good treatment option for people having high cholesterol level.
Migraine headaches
The cause of migraine headache is still unknown. Analgesic action of devil’s claw makes it a beneficial herb to prevent the recurrent attacks of migraine headaches.
Osteoarthritis is a prevailing condition now days. With age the wearing and tearing of joints start. Normally the ends of bones and joints are covered with slippery and lubricated cartilages. These cartilages ensure the smooth, friction free movements of joints.
Acute Pain
Devil’s claw has analgesic, sedative and diuretic properties that will be more noticed in chronic application than in the treatment of acute pain.
Devil’s Claw can also be used externally to treat wounds, sores, boils and skin lesions
Devil’s claw becomes a really miraculous herb for all patients who have arthritis, rheumatic conditions, strains, herniated disks and other low back problems.

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