September 21, 2015

10 Amazing Health And Beauty Benefits Of Yarrow Essential Oil

Essential oils are taking over beauty cosmetics, one at a time. These are easily available and are much cheaper than most cosmetic products. The best aspects of such oils are that they are herbal and are incredibly effective. One such oil is Yarrow essential oil.

What IS Yarrow?

The existing beauty products have varied effects and take an immense toll on our health and our budgets. The world is trying to cut down on the cosmetics and the plastics and is attempting to bring about a change by ‘going green’. If you are looking at changing your lifestyle and yielding healthy results by using essential oils, then you must know about Yarrow. Yarrow is mostly native to the temperate regions like the Northern Hemisphere regions like Asia, North America and Europe.

1. Helps With Wounds:

The Latin name of the yarrow plant, Achillea Millefolium, reflects its rich background. If the myths are to be believed, the centaur Chiron had given this very plant to Achilles to cure the wounds he suffered at the battlefield (1). Thus, there is no doubt that it has healing powers. The Yarrow plant is processed and made into an essential oil. When this oil is applied to the wounds, it will form a protective sheath to prevent the wounds from being septic. Thus, it acts as an antiseptic and helps treat minor wounds (2).

2. Helps Against Spasms:

Spasms are uncomfortable, and those who suffer from spasms will vouch for this. Studies suggest that the Yarrow plant can cure or help with such extreme contractions of your body (3), and give enough respite to those who suffer from recurrent spasmodic attacks.

3. Acts As A Digestive Agent:

The people suffering from digestive disorders will find immense relief by the use of this plant (4). The oil extracted from the Yarrow plant, when consumed in the prescribed dosages, can help treat myriad digestive issues and also boost the health of your intestines.

4. Acts As A Diaphoretic:

We all suffer from water retention at some time or the other. This water retention sabotages our weight loss goals. Get rid of the toxins, salts and excessive water from your body with the help of this essential oil. This will soon lead to the loss in weight as with the water weight gone, you will strikingly tone down.

5. It Is An Expectorant As Well:

Yarrow essential oil is a natural expectorant (5) and helps with cold and cures phlegm. If you are suffering from a bad congestion, a few drops of this essential oil will help clear your respiratory tract in no time at all.

6. Acts As An Emollient:

Even the big cosmetic brands will be put to shame in front of this essential oil. Yarrow essential oil can make your skin look younger, gorgeous, and healthy, and it can also help with clearing acne marks and other skin infections.

7. Cures Insomnia:

And again, the Yarrow plant will come to your aid with its tranquilizing effects. This essential oil is said to have soothing effects on the brain, nerves and muscles of the human body. Even those who suffer from depression and mood swings can benefit from this oil.

8. Tones The Whole Body:

Yarrow essential oil helps in optimizing the metabolic functions of the body, such as the absorption of essential nutrients and the decomposition of the food. When the metabolism of your body is boosted, you will be able to tone down easily.

9. Cures Hypertension:

A mild and regulated dosage of Yarrow essential oil is said to help even in cases of hypertension. This oil has properties that help bring down the spikes in your blood pressure effectively, without any side effects.

10. Cicatrisant:

Yarrow essential oil can give the best of anti-scar and anti-mark creams a run for their money. Apply this essential oil to post-pregnancy scars or the scars left behind by acne, and within barely a few weeks, your skin will be scar-free!
Yarrow essential oil has been used since ages to treat a myriad of health conditions. It was not until a few years ago that studies also substantiated its health benefits. If you are on the lookout for an oil that you can use for an occasional tummy ache or a nagging cold, look no further than Yarrow!

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