April 27, 2012

"They were calling us Asian dogs and pussies while they were beating us" Chinese students

Chinese media is reportedly rabid with disgust over an alleged Sydney train assault involving Chinese international students, reports say.

Six people, aged between 14 and 18, have been charged with a range of robbery and assault offences after an incident allegedly occurred between Sydney's Central and Rockdale stations at 12.30am on Tuesday morning.

A Chinese student currently undertaking a Masters degree at the University of Technology took to the social media site Weibo claiming he and his friend had been victims of a brutal attack that included racial taunts.

A translation from the student's blog on the Chinese social media site reportedly said: "I really wish all of this is just a nightmare. However, the smell of blood in my mouth and body pains reminds me that this city is so dangerous.

"A gang of hooligans attacked us. Our noses are fractured and our bodies are covered in blood. My friend's cheekbone was crushed. They attacked us with glass and burnt us with lit cigarettes. My face is burnt and totally disfigured! Worst of all, I really hated their racist comments.

"They were calling us Asian dogs and pussies while they were beating us. When my friend tried to wipe blood from his nose, a teenaged girl stuffed my friend's mouth with her tampon removed from her pants."

Another woman passenger, who was also targeted by the thieves, allegedly told the attackers to "rob them, they are Asian and they have got money".

The post has spread across the internet after 10,000 re-tweets soon followed by Chinese students expressing their disgust rampantly online.

The incident is said to have made headlines across China's mainstream media like the Shanghai Daily and Sina.

Former foreign minister Kevin Rudd has reportedly become involved in the aftermath of a violent Sydney train assault.

It has been reported that Rudd told one of his Weibo online followers that he "will try to approach the police and department of education."

Chinese consular officials have also publicly expressed their support for the students and are said to have met at the Consulate General in Sydney this morning to discuss the incident.

The Chinese embassy in Canberra issued two safety warnings for Chinese citizens travelling in Australia recently.

It is understood that the two student victims were treated at St George Hospital in Sydney's south-west.


  1. This is the twilight of the 21st century fin de siecle. A little prosperity followed by decadence and now complacency and apathy have set in. Liberals will federalize all crime and make massive power grabs under the guise of security and freedom. Conservatives will get into office will use this power to persecute anyone who isn't the same race and religion as themselves, then Liberals and Conservatives will offer us all up in a some holocaust before collectively committing suicide. The war profiteers will step in to make sure Wacko A has enough money, then Whacko B and it will start. When it is said and done, we will take a break from killing each other then in 20 years we will do it again. About 70 years after that the whole god damned ordeal will repeat.

    I know this will happen, because this is how it always happens. Just repeats over and over and over, mostly because we are too stupid to collectively stop it. Hope that fight over gay marriage and healthcare was worth it.

  2. What does "Hooligans" mean? What were the description of the perps? Were they Aussie? Were they white? What kind of reporting is this?

  3. I notice the race of the attackers doesn't get a mention. Here it could easily be Africans, Pacific Islanders, Lebanese just for starters. Despite the media's best attempts at implication it is almost never the white anglo/European that does these things.

  4. If they where heading to Rockdale my guess is they weren't Australian