April 24, 2013

Elderly woman heading to get driver’s license restored, crashes into store

The 79-year-old was getting some driving tips from a reverend when she mistook the brakes for the accelerator.
Target is one of America’s largest discount retailers, second only to Wal-Mart. It’s often in the press for such noble and ethical reasons as under-paying staff, selling irresponsibly sourced produce and allowing it’s staff to refuse customers contraception due to their religious beliefs. However, corporate bashing and capitalist hating aside for a brief moment, this particular appearance in world media came in utterly bizarre fashion.
Norma Joan Brennan, 79, began her morning with one seemingly innocuous act: renewing her driver’s license. An innocent crusade that unbeknownst to her would ultimately end up in an embarrassing accident, leaving her with brutal, tortured, intensively-farmed battery hen egg on her face.
Whilst receiving driving tips in a quiet car park from a man of the church, Norma attempted to brake and accidentally hit the accelerator, ploughing the car right through the doors of a Target Store in Ocala, Florida.
Brennan, a driver for 50 years had her license suspended a few years back due to a medical condition. So Norma and her friend Rev. Kevin Holsapple planned on driving to the driver’s license centre to renew it and regain the freedom only an open road and burnin’ rubber can provide.
In order to restore a little confidence in his friend and parish member Norma, Kevin innocently suggested they practice a few manoeuvres on the Target car park to get her used to driving again. This is when shit went down.
Nobody sustained injuries but when police arrived Norma was slapped with a citation for driving with a suspended license and the pastor was warned for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate his vehicle.
Don’t let them bring you down Norma – fight the system!

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