February 09, 2015

Amazing Soviet Propaganda Posters (16 Pics)

The Soviet propaganda posters of the post-World War 2 period focused primarily on glorifying the USSR’s achievements in all of life’s various components, be them social, athletic, technological or economic. As such, the subjects of the posters gradually drifted from wartime images to those of athletes and advancements in space exploration. Throughout the Cold War, the posters sought to express sentiments of one-upping the United States. Through the images depicted in the following posters, it is clear that the Soviet Union’s goal was to encourage its constituents to remain optimistic and competitive regarding the future.

Amazing Soviet Propaganda Posters: Lenin, V. Briskin, 1970

Against a backdrop of the Vietnam War and tensions with America, the Soviet Union was keen to promote a positive image of itself throughout the early 1970s. This poster is aimed toward foreigners with hopes of highlighting Lenin’s ideological superiority.

“If You Want To Be Like Me – Just Train!”, V. Koretskiy, 1951
In order for Soviet Union citizens to work for the benefit of the country, a training program was introduced in 1931 to create Spartan-esque athletes. This program included running, high/long jumping, swimming and gymnastics.

“A Mighty Sports Power”, B Reshetnikov, 1962
This poster demonstrates the Soviet Union’s athletic dominance over the USA during a time when the Olympic games were marked by great contention between the United States and the Soviet Union.

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