February 09, 2015

Christian church, Muslim mosque, Alevi dergah, Hindu temple, and Buddhist center united under one roof. "House of Religions" in Switzerland's capital Bern is the first of its kind.

Christians, Alevis, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists now commit their cults in their church, their Dergah, its mosque, its temples and its center. The faith communities celebrated on Sunday with thousands of visitors moving into newly built glass building on the Europe Square in the west of Bern. 
"During all over the world religious wars raging, we are given the opportunity to meet other religions," said about the Sikh Biramandeep Singh.Krishna monk Christoph Truttmann sat down in the mosque: "The fact that Muslims pray five times a day, gives me discipline for my own religion."
The Muslim family Hoxha pleased with the Open option in the house. "I'm hip-hop, my wife wears a headscarf. These are both no reason to condemn a man "And the non-denominational Berne Lalita Klatt hopes.." The house can help reduce gender stereotypes "
Jews, Baha'is and Sikhs carry the idea
A part of these communities lived faith so far in backyards or basements. CHF 10 million cost of the building. A Bernese Foundation provided the funding that had five religious communities pay for interiors and pay rent.
Jews, Baha'is and Sikhs are members of the Association, who runs the house. You, however, have not set up your own sacred spaces. Long and turbulent history

The House of Religions has a long and colorful history. The impetus for this was a city planner, in a study on the development of the western districts of Bern demanded action against the marginalization of cultural and religious minorities in 1998. In the West, Berns proportion of foreigners is particularly high.
According to the operators enables the architecture of the building that the various communities to seek contact with each other but could also withdraw. Designed the building is in fact so that the sacred spaces of a are arranged for all the so-called "dialogue area" on the two floors on both sides.
"We were dreamers, utopians, do-gooders far from reality," said Guido Albisetti, president of the association. Now stand the house. Past experience showed that the common dialogue is possible and fruitful.
Vandalism against Muslim Association
A House of Religions in Berne is nothing new: Smaller predecessor buildings several others were several. What is new is that now just five communities together relate partly stately rooms, for their design, for example, the Hindus specially artisans from India flew.
Also, the Muslim Association of Berne leaves soon its premises in Länggassquartier and pulls in the European space. To him it appears that not all find the project well: In October broke unknown in the present mosque of the association a , destroyed a model of Europe Square and Mosque defaced a picture of the Imam.

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