February 06, 2015

Boy Dead For 45 minutes, Comes Back To Life, Here’s Why He Said He Came Back

There are people in the world today who, for whatever reason, don’t believe in miracles.
Many of those same folks also don’t believe in God, or believe if He does exist, He doesn’t care about insignificant little creatures like human beings.
Well here’s one 14-year-old boy with an amazing, almost unbelievable story who would beg to differ.
This will definitely make you a believer in the miraculous.
From KSDK:
A 14-year old St. Charles boy who spent 15 minutes under water after falling through the ice of Lake Ste. Louise has made a recovery no one can explain.
“In my mind this is a very grim, very poor chance of survival already,” says Dr. Sutterer of the moment John came in.

Dr. Sutterer and his team performed CPR on John for 27 minutes with no success. The question was raised: how long should they continue?
“He was dead for 45 minutes,” says Dr. Sutterer.

The doctor went on to say the boy’s mother started praying loudly, and within a matter of minutes John’s heart started to beat again.

Not only did John come back from the dead, he was almost perfectly fine upon waking up. He was able to answer questions and carry on a conversation.

The boy is currently getting physical therapy for his hands, but other than that is almost fully recovered.
What makes this story even more awesome is how John responded when asked about his experience and Who he attributes with bringing him back to life.

“I’m surprised I’m alive but it’s a real miracle that I’m alive, and I thank God I’m alive, and there’s a reason I’m alive, so I’m just going to kind of follow what God has in store for me throughout my life,” says John.
God is real, folks.

This whole experience ended up making a believer out of the doctor who wrote a letter to help process the incident where he called John’s recovery a full blown miracle.
When looking at the full circumstances surrounding this harrowing situation, it’s clear God’s hand of providence was presiding over the whole ordeal, which should be a great source of comfort for this family.

God doesn’t always work miracles of this magnitude every day, but if we take the time to stop and look around us, we’ll see there’s amble evidence of His loving, guiding hand in our lives and in the world we call home.
Even when things seem the bleakest.


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