February 06, 2015

You’ll be SHOCKED to see how abortion clinics confirm a baby’s death

Pro-choicers consider themselves to be the most open-minded people on the face of the earth. But when it comes to talking about the stark reality of abortions (showing the pictures, talking about the procedural methods) they becoming flustered and outraged.
Deep down, they know it’s barbaric. Nothing is more telling than the stories from former Planned Parenthood employees. Last month, former abortion clinic administrator Abby Johnson gave a detailed description of her duties at Planned Parenthood, and it’s absolutely horrific. Her job was to reassemble the “parts” to ensure the baby’s death. Like a dead baby puzzle.

From Life News:

The Planned Parenthood clinic used jargon common in abortion clinics. Staffers described the babies as “Products of Conception.”
Johnson says:
When I worked at Planned Parenthood, I was trained to be a POC technician. POC stands for “Products of Conception.” Sometimes, if the staff were feeling funny, we would say that it stood for “Pieces of Children.”
Inside every abortion clinic across the country, someone is tasked to be the POC technician. Their job is to take everything suctioned out of the uterus during an abortion and reassemble the parts of the baby. We did this to ensure that the uterus was empty of all fetal parts. If something was left, it could create a potentially fatal infection for the woman.
Some pro-choicers may doubt Johnson’s claim. It sounds so gruesome, so disturbing, that pro-choice people may not want to believe it. It is easier for people who support abortion to think of the baby as a formless collection of cells or piece of tissue — anything but a miniature person.
It’s terrible. Inhumane. But don’t expect feminist outrage. They’re too selfish to think about anything except “their bodies.” That’s their prerogative! Except when it comes to someone else paying for their birth control.
Sorting through murdered baby parts. How on earth are we allowing this to happen?

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