March 08, 2015

Little Girl’s Response to a Boy Calling Her Ugly in School is Perfect

When a little boy called a four-year-old girl ugly, she gave him a hilarious verbal smackdown that included some valuable lessons wise beyond her years.
In the video posted online Siahj 'Cici' Chase's face drops for a second as she tells her mother Sonya, who is filming her, that a little boy at school today had called her ugly.
But the little girl's spunk immediately returns when she tells us her confident comeback. 
'I said "I didn't come to make a fashion statement"', her big smile returning as she says 'I came here to learn, not look pretty.' 
Cici then playfully frowns again when she says the boy responded that she looked 'bad', only to put her face right up to the camera so we can see just how she showed that boy who's boss. 
'And then I said "Did you look in the mirror lately?" 
Then the little girl, still clutching her bag of Cheetos, recalls her ultimate kiss-off.
'Bye bye, see you later, you're making me mad!' Sonya said her daughter, who she lives with in Nassau, Bahamas, is a gem who has 'always been quick on her feet,' she told the Huffington Post
She said Cici is very active and talkative - and, of course, sharp. 
Sonya posted the video on her Facebook page, and the world quickly agreed. 
The video has received over 300,000 views, and been shared more than 11,000 times. 
Sonya said she reads some of the comments to her spunky Cici, who 'just smiles and giggles' when she hears the encouraging words.   

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