April 26, 2015

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Epsom Salts

People probably passed Epsom salts in the pharmacy aisle of the local grocery store for years without really giving them much thought. For some reason, Epsom salts seem to have gone out of fashion in recent times and are most associated with hard-core athletes or the elderly looking to ease some of their arthritis aches and pains.
However, there are a whole array of uses that Epsom salts can be put to – and not just for jocks or little old ladies! Below are some great ways to use these inexpensive salts that many people may not have thought of and that can easily save money and improve health.

Sunburn Reliever

Now that the warm weather is here, and people are venturing out onto the beach or into their back yards or gardens, sunburns are unfortunately all too common. While aloe vera gel is a great natural treatment for this, let’s face it, it can be somewhat slimy. A great alternative is to add a cup or two of water to a spray bottle, add a few teaspoons of Epsom salts, and lightly spritz the affected area. The natural anti-inflammatory properties will help soothe it down right away.

Lip Scrub

Along with sunburned skin, the longer days, extra sunlight and warm winds can also bring chapped lips. Many lip balms contain a lot of artificial ingredients that can actually dry out the lips rather than moisturizing them. A great way to get soft, luscious lips naturally is to mix Epsom salts with a little coconut oil, scrub it gently onto the lips, then rinse and pat gently dry. The salts exfoliates dead skin while the coconut oil gives the lips a deep, hydrating treatment.

At-Home Steam Facial

Steaming is great for the face: it opens the pores, making it easier to remove build-ups of oil or dirt that can cause acne or other breakouts. It can also provide moisture for dry or chapped skin. For a great, homemade spa treatment, add half a cup of Epsom salts to a bowl of very hot water, then lean over it – with or without a towel over the head – and let the steam work its magic. Adding the Epsom salts to the steaming water really nourishes the skin and makes the steam treatment more effective.

Body Scrub

The combination of coconut oil and Epsom salts is not just good for the lips. Mix these two ingredients together before getting into the shower and scrub it all over the body to both exfoliate and moisturize, leaving the skin incredibly soft and smooth.

Volumizing Conditioner

Adding Epsom salts to a regular conditioner helps to remove oils and build-up of other hair conditioners that can weigh the hair down and leave it limp and lank. This can help to seriously lighten and add volume to the hair. To use, simply add the salt to a commercial conditioner, apply it as normal and leave it in for 10-15 minutes before rinsing out. The difference can be really amazing.
So take another look at the lowly Epsom salts. They are truly one of the great, natural ways to improve the health of skin, hair and lips without breaking the bank to do it!

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