May 27, 2015

4 men arrested for using squirt guns and 1 sent to the hospital from injuries caused during police arrest.

Five people are now charged after a series of water attacks on drivers and passengers on PedalPubs last week in Minneapolis.
Six people were arrested in the incidents and the five now charged have been released from custody. A sixth person was booked on a probable cause hold for potential terroristic threats -- he has since been released from custody but was not charged on Tuesday.
The men who were charged include John Davis Rock, Jr. who was charged with fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct, Kurtis Wayne Johnson, charged with fifth-degree assault, Jason Leonard Carlton, Francis Wayne Bellanger and Mark William Dean -- all charged with disorderly conduct.
All five will make their first court appearance on June 4.
PedalPub Twin Cities manager Lisa Staplin said the first two attacks on the pedal pub drivers and passengers occurred Saturday when bicyclists sprayed those on board with water guns. One passenger was also hit in the head with a water balloon.
A third attack was foiled after the men returned for another round of water but were spotted during their approach. The passengers then jumped off the PedalPub and held them until Minneapolis Police arrived on scene.
Burnsville Police Chief Eric Gieske confirmed that six of his off-duty officers were on board.
On Monday, Bellanger spoke with KARE 11's Lou Raguse and told him the "attack" was meant as a harmless prank but what the off-duty officers did was much worse.
Bellanger said those who were detained had their arms twisted and suffered bruises and abrasions. He said one was treated at a local hospital.

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