May 10, 2015

Armed citizen saves police officer from assault from burglary suspect

New information is coming out regarding the rookie Oklahoma City police officer who was beaten by a suspect with his own baton following a burglary on the northwest side of the metro.
An armed witness may have been the only thing that kept that officer from a more serious beating, or worse.
It happened just after 2 p.m. Tuesday in the 2800 block of W. Park Pl. Rookie Officer Adam Eller and field training officer Sgt. Michael Lambert were responding to the burglary call.
The two suspects in the burglary, Tremaine and Jermaine Williams, are twin brothers. Police say Tremaine was already gone when they arrived, but Jermaine was there and when he saw the officers he took off on foot. 
During the chase the two officers became separated. Eller found himself alone when he caught up to Jermaine in a driveway of a nearby home and as he tried to place him under arrest, a fight ensued. During the struggle, Jermaine was able to take Eller's police baton and then proceeded to strike him over the head somewhere between six and 12 times.
According to a report, that's when a witness nearby charged up with his weapon drawn and told Jermaine he would shoot him if he did not stop hitting Eller. That heroic witness has not been identified.


  1. "Eller's police baton and then proceeded to strike him over the head somewhere between six and 12 times."
    How ironic, as it was a policeman getting hit, he is "Heroic", if it was the policeman doing the hitting, he would be on his way to jail once he got out of hospital.

  2. The criminal police have been screwing me around for 30 years, I will never help them, and I am retired military. When the revolution starts they are enemy number one.

  3. As a victim of a bunch of the deep state electronic warfare stuff like Airbag deployment,Cell phone snooping/attack,Personal interferences from power angles and high places. Several direct incitement attempts by my local law enforcement arm. All end the same way Big bucks wasted on the lies of some stunned woman. Time and assets put into motion to try to shut me up. All have failed. What's left My Little Droney? A hellfire for lunch?

  4. Unfortunately the un named hero citizen can still be shot by another cop because of a tail light being out, or having his money stolen in a civil forfeiture case.

  5. I'll second that ! With one exception. If is an oath keeping Deputy serving under a Constitutional Sheriff !.