May 03, 2015

Baltimore Protesters Tried To Light This Pizza Shop Owner on Fire, But He’s Not Giving Up

Papa Palace has been a staple pizza joint in West Baltimore for eight years.

And here is what Papa Pizza looks like today:

Essam el Ghannam owns the pizza shop, which was torched by the Baltimore rioters on Monday.

Ghannam tells IJReview that he literally escaped the mob with his life. “A girl in the mob yelled ‘Fire him. Fire the dirty pizza man,'” he recalls, “Then they poured the lighter fluid on me, on my car and hit me with flames from lighters.” The rioters were trying to burn Ghannam alive. When he fled, they torched his store.

The results were devastating.

This is Ghannam’s office:

His chair.


And phone.

All of Ghannam’s inventory has been totaled.

But, so has his ability to fill orders, like this elementary school pizza request.

But after all of this, Ghannam isn’t giving up.

“This is my life. I do not know why they do this to me. But it will not stop me,” Ghannam says defiantly, “I will reopen. I’m gonna secure my business very good. Get a weapons license and protect my shop.”


  1. Why did they want to burn him? I can only hope that this is might be phony fear mongering, otherwise, if the average rioting crowd is capable of committing such a blatantly sadistic, & pointless atrocity at the drop of a hat, then everyone is already screwed beyond any hope for much of anything-the bastards already won (& worse, they were apparently, right about us, & are merely being wise in their attempts to enslave/kill us)....

  2. Too bad he lives in such a totalitarian state that defending his business..and his life wasn't his first option. You can't reason with a mob, only fear of a better armed, determined citizen would work as it has done in similar circumstances.

  3. This is what 45 ACP are for.