May 02, 2015

Misbehaving schoolboy, 10, is 'arrested' by police after his mom called the cops to 'teach him a lesson'

A mother from Columbus, Georgia, who learned her 10-year-old son was misbehaving in class decided to enlist the help of the local police to teach him a lesson. 
Chiquita Hill, 33, said her son's fifth-grade teacher told her that her boy, Sean, was 'rude and disrespectful, not listening, talking back, not doing his school work.' 
Cops arrived and pretended to arrest him, sticking him in the back of a police car.
Ms. Hill said that she pulled the stunt on the youngster because she believed she had run out of options when it came to his behavior.
Teaching him a lesson: Sean, 10, is handcuffed by police outside his Columbus, Georgia home
Arrested: Police put Sean, 10, in the back of a police car and gave him a good talking- to, before leaving him there for five minutes, leaving him in tears. Afterwards, he gave his mother a big hug and promised to change
On Tuesday the teacher even came round to her home to speak with Sean. 
She says that the words 'went in one ear and out the other.'
'I knew I had to do something to shock him,' she told ABC News. 
She said that she was scared that with her son not obeying his teacher that it could escalate into disrespect for authority as an adult, something she believes could be life-threatening. 
After the teacher left, she called the Columbus Police Department who agreed to send officers to her home.
At first, her son didn't believe his mom's threats, but laughter soon turned to tears when cops showed up at the front door with their lights flashing.
Life lesson: After mouthing off and disobeying his mother and teacher, the fifth grader was handcuffed and taken into the backseat of a squad car. When he came out his mother said he was a changed boy
Bright idea: Chiquita Hill said after her son's teacher had visited her to talk about her son's behavior she decided to call police and asked them to visit her home to talk about the way her son, Sean, had  been behaving
Justified? Chiquita Hill compared herself to the Baltimore mother who slapped around her son after catching him rioting as a means to protect him
Abandoned and alone: 10-year-old Sean got what his mother hopes is a 'scare of a lifetime' by police in the hope that it will set him straight to a path of good behavior going forward
Officers arrived and explained to Ms. Hill what they would do before placing him in handcuffs.
They they stuck him in the back of their police car for five minutes and gave him a good talking to and an all-round scare. 
'Everything happened so fast,' Ms. Hill said. 'He didn't have time to react to anything. ... He was scared.'
After his ordeal was over, officers let Sean out of the car and he ran inside to give his mother a hug.
She doesn't know what words were spoken in the patrol car but her little boy said: ''I'll never do it again.','' she said. 'I don't know what they said to him.'
Ms. Hill said that after the police left, she talked things through with her son explaining that his behavior and his actions affected those around him.
'I'm glad I did this,' she said to ABC. 'He will be 11 this month. He's hitting that pre-teen age. ... I understand that he will be going through changes, but with all the things going on in Missouri and in Baltimore, I want to stop anything from happening while he's young and impressionable.' 
'I was trying to get a point across to my son, if you want to be disrespectful and you want to be rude, this is what happens when bad people do bad things,' Hill said, defending her methods of discipline, knowing that there are people who would not agree with her. 'There are consequences for everything.' 
Listen up! Hill says when cops arrived they talked to her about what the arrest simulation would be like, making sure she was okay with everything - and they also talked to Sean's younger sister, but did not 'arrest' her
Concerned: Ms. Hill said she was scared that her son disobeying his teacher could escalate into disrespect for authority as an adult, something she believes could be life-threatening
Assistant Chief Lem Miller of the Columbus Police Department didn't seem to impressed with the actions of his officers. 
In a statement he said that his 'officers did that without any supervisory approval or knowledge.'
'We totally understand that they were trying to do a good thing, but in hindsight, we're not in the business of pretending to arrest somebody.'
'It could very well scare the kid straight, but on the other hand, it could possibly hurt them and make them think even worse of us the police down the road,'
He has made it clear to fellow officers that although the entire episode was well-intentioned, he would not be allowing them to 'pretend arrest' someone ever again.  
Columbus Police Department say there isn't a program in place to scare misbehaving children.
They say parents can contact juvenile services if they are concerned that their child is engaging in wreckless or illegal behavior. 
Ms. Hill says that there has since been a marked change in the behavior of her son. 
Sean's teacher called her later in the week with 'wonderful reports' saying he was performing much better in class and that he had been very respectful to his classmates and teachers.


  1. Oh, please. Don't make me puke with this pro-pig public relations propaganda that probably has as much basis in fact as the average TV cop show.

    And look at this outrage:
    "not obeying his teacher that it could escalate into disrespect for
    authority as an adult, something she believes could be
    life-threatening. "

    They're trying to drum into people's heads the notion that we all have to obey the police or we might be killed. Does anyone remember that they're supposed to be working for us, and we have a right to freedom of expression, which also includes the right to tell people in "authority" to go screw themselves?

    Cops have NO AUTHORITY over you, or at least they didn't until you let the Zionist media drum that notion into your head, too.

  2. Those cops must have loved it- being able to bully around a little black kid and slap him in chains like their slave patrol ancestors got to do.

    Propaganda with perks for pigs! Jolly Roger nailed it- more corporate media lying to condition the serfs. Good to see that only 2% of young Americans are still brainwashed by that crap.

  3. Jerry Allen TestMay 3, 2015 at 2:09 AM

    Silly woman, narcing out her own family... hahahha now the kid is probably a future FELON! How far we have slipped in the realm of life! Her DNA strain wont be around much longer... Maybe she will quit breeding!

  4. Sad state of affairs when your child laughs at your authority as a parent. I NEVER laughed at my dad's - or my mom's - authority. Never. I took their mounting anger VERY SERIOUSLY! Why? Because there were real and painful (to me) consequences for misbehaving. And not just being sent to my room either. And not just some stupid time out. I was warned, once. Then once more. Next time was action. I was spanked.
    One time I thought saying swear words (at 6 or 7 years old) was funny. Warning. I did it anyway. 2nd warning. Still did it (whispered and giggles). Consequence? A piece of bar soap in the mouth. (Get it? To clean a "dirty" mouth.) Actually, it's pretty funny to watch a kid crying their eyes out and bubbles coming out of their mouth.
    The one significant thing about my parents' discipline, the decision was final. There was no relenting later once they calmed down. Nope. So they never punished with things that they would have to rescind later.
    And please, anyone here who is going to respond and criticize my parents' actions as if they abused me - please save it. They loved me enough to correct me when I was bad. Never once did they ever have to call the police on me or my siblings! And not one of us has ever been arrested for anything, or even been in trouble with the law, for that matter. All of us grew up to be responsible, trustworthy citizens. Imagine that!