May 06, 2015

Pregnant Mom of 11 Is Making a Controversial Demand for Baby Number 12

Dubbed the “baby machine benefits mum” by The Mirror, Cheryl Prudham is making headlines for her latest taxpayer-funded quest.
Already mother to 11 and receiving £39,000 (about $29,000) in benefits each year, Prudham is now demanding that the government pay for her to have a c-section because, like celebrities, she is “too posh to push.”
I know a caesarean costs more, but I don’t care. It’s what I want – it’s my body. I know more about giving birth than most people and I don’t want to put my body through labour again.
I’ve got my pelvic floor back to where it should be and I don’t want to lose it. I did lots of pelvic floor exercises and worked hard. I don’t like ­natural labour – it’s too ­painful and I’ve done it nine times.
It’s so much easier to have a caesarean. Some celebrities say they are too posh to push so why can’t I?
But that’s not all for the mom, who’s previously been caught smoking while heavily pregnant: 
The couple, who recently broke up and then reunited, have other plans for the taxpayer funds.
According to The Express, the couple plans on renewing their vows in July, getting husband Robert a vasectomy reversal and having more children. How can they afford all of that? In addition to NHS benefits:
The Prudham family, from Gravesend in Kent, have a household income of almost £60,000 when factoring in Mr Prudham’s £1,600-a-month salary as a delivery driver.
They have managed to avoid the Government’s £26,000-a-year benefits cap because Mr Prudham works enough hours to claim working tax credit.


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