May 04, 2015

The Reactions to Bob Beckel & Rush Limbaugh Being Treated for Drug Abuse Are… Striking

Two partisan heavyweights of political punditry, both on opposite sides of the spectrum, have admitted to drug addiction; and more specifically, both became addicted to painkillers after receiving medical treatment for back pain.
Despite having happened last decade, the animus at conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for his past drug addiction is still boundless on numerous websites on the Internet, including Youtube video commentsnews showstalk shows, and articles.
The reaction to liberal Fox News contributor Bob Beckel’s announcement that he is fighting drug addiction among conservatives? Almost nothing but love.
Recent tweets about “Rush Limbaugh” and “drug” turn up the current sentiment among those who continue to discuss the host’s history:

Here are the top comments, in order, from this morning’s IJReview post about Beckel going into rehabilitation treatment:

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