June 23, 2015

Alberta passes bill banning corporate and union donations to political parties

Legislation banning corporate and union donations to political parties has passed in the Alberta legislature.
It is the flagship first bill of the new NDP government under Premier Rachel Notley.
The bill passed unanimously, including with support of the Progressive Conservatives.
PC Leader Ric McIver had said last week his caucus opposed the bill because it would tilt fundraising in favour of the NDP.
He also said corporations will find ways around the law to continue contributing. 
Wildrose leader Brian Jeans said he is pleased that the bill passed, but believes the existing legislation still needs some work.
“Getting union and corporate donations out of politics is good for democracy, it’s good for Alberta. The NDP even accepted one of our amendments, which shows some progress,” said Jean. “But there is still a horrendous loophole in this legislation; unions can actually pay their employees to volunteer for a political party. We don’t think that’s right.”
“We tried to get the NDP government to close that loophole, but they wouldn’t budge,” he added.


  1. "The TTIP and other pending global trade deals—the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)—have
    come under fire for their corporate-friendly provisions, which many
    warn will promote business interests above the environment, workers
    rights, and public health. Particularly, the investor state dispute
    settlement (ISDS) provision would allow multinationals to sue
    governments for alleged loss of profits due to industry regulations".

    TTIP etc. are no less than an affront to national sovereignty and democracy. There is only one way to stop this legal scam to introduce world wide fascism and that is to declare that whoever participates in negotiations and conclusions of these agreements/ treaties do not act on behalf of their people and nations, and that politicians and civil servants alike will be liable for committing high treason and will be punished accordingly.

  2. dont matter what you do alberta, the countries fucked till the bloody revolution gets in high gear the sooner the better for all involved, its time to get rid of the traitors turn coats and all out looters who have destroyed this country with the help of the zombie voting public and the three party joke this is different in name only, what side you gonna be on when the shit hits the fan, soon we will see

  3. Thebes de HippieJune 24, 2015 at 6:51 AM

    If corporations continue to buy undue influence by "finding a way around the law", then incarcerate their Board of Directors.